Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ok, so I'm sorry, I cannot believe it's been nearly a month since I last posted. My job is partly seasonal, so it kicks into gear about May 1st. In this economy I've had more responsibilities added to my position as other positions have been eliminated around me. I'm just thankful I still have a job (still being the operative word). But it has taken a toll on my free time. Last weekend I had a ten hour day. But, I'll stop complaining.

My husband, dear SAHD that he is, he took up some census work. They told him it would last 11 weeks. We thought it might be a nice boost to our income. Especially since it looks like my cost of living raise will be cancelled and I may get furloughed several days over the next two years. Then it was done, after barely four weeks. He liked the job because he could set his hours. He'd go while the kids were at school and then go again after I got home. But the crew he was on must have been going gang busters because the area they were to cover was done in no time. He asked if there were areas where they needed other crew members. Here the federal government has spent money on training him 40 hours and he and his group are done so quickly. Why not take that group and send them where you need more manpower? But no one had any information for him. So the extra pay check we were hoping for will not be there and the orthodontic appointment is set for late June. And my son needs his teeth corrected and probably sooner rather than later, before he's done growing.

What I don't understand is why the federal government doesn't take those trained people and use them in areas where they don't have enough census takers. Mr. Wild kept saying that they are still looking for census workers. Here was a whole crew that no longer was working, what's the deal? They were trained and obviously hard workers.

Oh, and there was one of his supervisors who was much older, a veteran and a former federal worker. He had trouble walking, so took a long time to go from house to house and Mr. Wild had to TRAIN him with the handheld GPS enabled computer. I understand the idea behind giving someone preference for the service they've given to the country, but there has to be a limit. Maybe a test on understanding computer systems? That's a bit more heavily weighed? I don't know. We all want merit and ability to be weighed the heaviest, but it never quite works out that way. Fairness never is quite black and white.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!