Saturday, August 6, 2011

The insanity

Nearly twenty years ago, I took this test, in anticipation of taking school to the next level: a master's degree.  Here I am, so many years later, signing up to take the GREs.  This, in anticipation of possibly, maybe, going ahead with a doctorate.  I think I might be insane.

Differences: Now the test is on a computer.  The price has gone up exponentially.  I can take the test not on a Saturday.  My brain has not been in the school mode for at least 12 years.  I am a little more freaked out.

Worst part is that I did, actually, amazingly well the last time.  I wish I could have just kept that score.  Unfortunately, they let them expire after five years.  So, I am worried that I will not do so well.  Don't we lose brain cells every year?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ah, me!

Yes, where has a whole month gone by.  I was going to get all excited about being forty.  Being forty means living up to responsibilities, which is working so that I can have health benefits for my family.  And work I did.  I am getting too old to do so many weekend days.  I'm just tired of being a weekend worker.  I should have known better working in museums.  Our visiting public is on the weekends.

Instead, let's think of nicer things: lovely CSA (community supported agriculture) foods that are no longer mostly salad greens.  The first beets of the season, roasted on the grill, sliced and served with a shallot, red wine and balsamic vinegrette and feta cheese.  Son taking on his first triathlon, finishing and not last, as he hoped.  Siblings offering to organize another family trip to Hawaii (oh, how we all adored Hawaii and together!).  Husband doing so much better after some major surgery.  He is a trooper and I love him for taking on the challenge so that he can eventually feel so much better.  Getting on the bike again after too long.  The super heat ending, somewhat.  I hope it stays down for the next few days.  Starting in a writing group, making me read, share and critique.  Reading new YA books.  Deciding to read the House of Mirth, it's good to keep up with the classics.  Daughter enjoying her Laura Ingalls Wilder day camp.

Ah, that's better.