Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ok, I'm just going to do it: VOTE FOR ME!


Alice in the Palace: The Real Life Story of a Part-Time Princess

This contest is for me to get published electronically.  In addition, my daughter's elementary school will get a full blown electronic picture book library for free!  The company is called MeeGenius and this is what they specialize in, electronic picture books.

My story is a real story, about a princess.  I hope it conveys the fact that princesses aren't about being pretty and getting the prince, but about doing the right thing and not worrying about your looks.  My critique group said they liked it because it wasn't about being a pretty princess, cancelling out all those princess stories out there.

I am so far behind the top vote getter, I don't think I'm going to make it to the final round.  That round would let me be edited and get pretty pictures.  I just would really, really, really like to get my book edited and illustrated, just to see what it's like, for once.  Although, I'm not going to scrap the book.  It could probably use a lot more work.  But I think the idea is solid and could maybe be sold.  I know I can and need to get better.  Maybe I'll go to my picture book guru and see if she'll give me a critique.

But, if you find it in your heart to post it with your 1000+ blog followers and tell them to all go vote for mine, just to make my dream come true, I would be eternally grateful.  I might even knit you some wrist warmers.  Because I've picked that up in my spare time, too.

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