Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Tuesday--Spring Edition


While you are reading this, I am in a water park with my kids.  The water park has a flow rider.  I want to try to fake surf.

I love how my kids love America's Funniest Videos.  It's so cute to listen to them laugh.

Julie/Julia was a really good movie.  I should check out the book.  This is courtesy of the fact that our satellite provider has all the Starz channels on complimentary for a year.  Something about being their 30th year in business (really 30 years?).  So we're seeing movies that were out recently.  Many of them I am glad I never spent the money in the theatre for.

My ideal job would be to go antique picking.  If I could go with Mike and Frank on the History Channel, that would be a blast!

I'm trying out NoScript to protect myself from getting clickjacked on Facebook.  Do you know what clickjacking is?  Neither do I, I have no idea how it happens, but maybe it won't happen now.  If anyone knows anything more let me know.

Go, be random!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Tuesday--Getting out of the shadows


Ok, I could talk about this, but I think we all know what's going on there, so we'll let others deal with it for now.

Instead, I'd like to talk about The King's Speech.  A movie I have not seen, but desperately want to.  But I am so happy one of my favorite actors got an Oscar.

  Very handsome and modest.

From here.

What else? Oh, I guess my book won't take as long as this.  At least I hope not.

And today is the first day of  metereological spring.  Yay!  February is over, March is in like a lamb and I really, really, really want a new bike.  I'm thinking Trek women specific design.  Trek is made in my home state, I think I should put my money back into my state.

If a person has a master's degree, how much money do you think they should be making annually?  $30k? $40K? $50K? $60K?  I suppose you will say, well it all depends on what you do.  But, if everyone with masters has to take 60 hours of credit and write a thesis, no matter what the subject, and have to pay the tuition and fees, what should they have to show for it at the end?  And if they shouldn't need a master's, then what is the case for postgraduate education?  What is the purpose?

(Yeah, the ulterior motive is I want to see if I'm making what other people think I'm worth.  I have two masters by the way.)  And if you haven't seen Keely, head over to the UnMom via the ugly button at the top.