Monday, February 23, 2009

Here, there, and everywhere

Tomorrow I head off for a work retreat, which means I may, or may not, find time to post some more. I will be out of town until Thursday.
Then, there was the drive home from work today, which takes about 30 minutes. Usually I listen to NPR, but they're in the middle of their winter membership drive. I've heard fall drive and spring drive, but now it's the winter one. Sheesh, pretty soon it will end up being the daily membership drive. Ok, maybe not that drastic. Also, I am not contributing. I did, once, as a dollar a day member. I think that ought to get me through a few more years before I pony up again.
Besides, the discretionary income is almost non-existent. I have a purpose for almost every little penny, which includes savings and I don't touch savings.
So, not wanting to feel guilty about to listen to the winter membership stuff, I switch to a station. They've been advertising on TV that they got a whole new play list. Guess what? They do! And I liked every single song I heard.
I ended up in the middle of hearing I'm alright sung by Kenny Loggins.
Then they played something by Three Dog Night, which reminded me of my dad. I think he had (still has) Three Dog Night: Joy to the World: Their Greatest Hits. I think I know all the songs by heart. We'd dance around in the living room to mom and dad's record player, sometimes.
(Nothing really to see here except a record player with Just an Old Fashioned Love Song.)
Then a little Bubbly by Colbie Caillat.
A very short break and then I'm listening to the Beatles:
My taste in music is eclectic and I liked to listen to 1960s music in the 80s. I am sure it was a direct influence of my dad.
Then I get an 80s song and I'm bopping in my seat again. Feeling a little like a junior high kid again.
As I'm pulling into my driveway, I get to hear Eric Clapton. And it makes me grin.
(He shot the sheriff but not the deputy.)
Boy, for those 20-30 minutes, I not once felt like I would want to switch stations. It is plenty eclectic for me, running the whole range of songs I've caught snippets of from my youth to the present.
Still making me smile. Hope it will do the same for you.
[Give me virtual pats on the back for figuring out how to embed in my log now. Am I getting cool or what?]


Anonymous said...

You are too cool for words...but not lyrics. All those songs are classics. Enjoy your retreat.

Heather said...

Eclectic music tastes - the only way to go.

Aliceson said...

You know, I actually did the same thing the other day. I love WPR but the fund drives are too much for me. I switched the station but heard the same bunch of songs I hear everytime I turn off public radio to give the rest of the dial some play time...and the commercials, too loud and obnoxious. I think I'm getting old.

Have a great time away! And you are right I am totally impressed with your improving blogging skills. First a link in the comments and now a post full of links and youtube video. Awesome!