Monday, November 28, 2011

What am I doing with my time?

What am I doing with my time, you wonder?  I guess living up the forties.  So many firsts.

Started my first weight training program.  Never would have thought of myself as a weight lifter.  I am going to be STRONG. No joke.

Started coaching a Future Problem Solving team.  First time ever.  Future Problem Solving, you ask?  Well, click the link and find out more about it.  I knew as much about it as you know right now.  But it is a pretty cool process.  And I work with some pretty cool sixth grade kids.  Yes, sixth graders?!  Can you believe it?  They are neat little people though.

Started my first year as the mother of a middle schooler.  Oh, boy.  It is simpler and more complicated.  He seems challenged enough.  We are.  I feel a little more lost.  But he still gives me hugs and doesn't mind holding my hand in public still, so I feel blessed.

Got our first Wii!  Well, ok, it's not the first gaming system in our house, but we finally joined the rest of the world.

Bought a new camera, the first time in years!

When the casing is falling off in pieces from your old camera and has been doing so for about 24 months, you really should bite the bullet and get something else.

Joined my first writer's organization AND attended a writing retreat!  SCBWI and SCBWI-Wisconsin is an awesome place to be involved.  We loved our critiquer and her points on our book were fabulous and just the push we needed to work harder on it.  We're still working on it, but now, we understand that books take YEARS.  Yes, YEARS.  When one lady says one of her picture books was twelve years in the making, well, we've been at it about 3 and a half, so we still have a lot of work to do.  People on the writing websites say join the groups, attend the conferences and get out there and meet people!  They are so right!  You just have to quit hiding in your little writer's desk and go to the conferences.  Of course, yes, that's putting money out there before you even get published, but all those who are experienced are willing to help and be your cheerleading section.  And you meet other new people, who are so fresh and excited and you can be excited with each other.  Who knew there were so many fascinating stories to be told?

Speaking of stories to tell, I also pushed myself and wrote a picture book (in addition to the middle grade I am working on with the best author partner in the world, yes I'm biased).  I entered it in a contest!  The book is found here and if you like it, please pass it around the blog-o-sphere and encourage your friends, family, relatives and the guy down the street to stop by my story page and "like" it too!  Click the caption below for more on the rules and MeeGenius!
MeeGenius! rules and website

Thanks for playing!!!