Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Joining many others in the blogosphere, just cause I need a kick 'n th'pants to jumpstart my writing.  Thank you Un Mom for giving us writing excuses.


OH, for heaven's sake. (Or should I have said "for Pete's sake?"  That is one of Grandma's favorites)  I'm not a girly girl.  I don't mind getting my hands dirty.  Heck, I helped birth a calf one time, and had my ARM stuck all the way in there.  The calf in womb would even suck my fingers, WHILE ALL THE WAY IN THERE.  You know where I mean.  So by no stretch of the imagination am I afraid of some dirt.  I moved one peony plant today.  It is my test peony, to see if I killed it.  So my hands were dirty today, once.

So, I wanted to replace my headlight.  That shouldn't be so hard.  I looked at the manual.  It seemed like a piece of cake.  Then, I opened the hood and tried to reach the apparatus.  What they don't draw in the manual is all the other crap parts in the way of the "easy" access point.  I don't think Mr. Wild could have changed this bulb because to get in there I needed my small hands.  It was fifteen minutes later, a screw removed, a strange shifting of the light apparatus and several minutes of trying to yank the bulb out of the electrical portion it is connected to, after I pulled it out of the housing.  And we have the wrong tools for removing that bolt.  Way more effort for one small light bulb.

Moving on, how about my thoughts on fall television, some newbies, some oldies?  Grey's Anatomy jumped the shark for me when they had a main character die, become sort of a ghost, then come back to life.  Yeah, I dumped that a while ago.  But, I think Kate Walsh is a fun actress, so I moved on to Private Practice.  Is it possible for an adult show to get as angsty as a teeny bopper one?  I think it is.  I removed it from my DVR recording list tonight.  I'm done with Private Practice.  Sorry Kate.

But how about that FlashForward.  It is just as intriguing as Lost, but not as weird.  Which I am ready for.  Something along the lies of pretty realistic, but still absolutely crazy.  I really like FlashForward.  It doesn't hurt that Jack Davenport is in it (sigh).  Show of hands.  Who also likes Jack Davenport?  What, don't you know who he is? You know, Jack:

That Jack Davenport....

Jack Davenport

I would have put up a Swingtown, Coupling, and FlashForward photo too, but then my Random Tuesday would be all about Jack Davenport and you might think I'm obsessed.  (No, really, I'm not that obsessed. Sigh.)

Another show I've really and surprisingly enjoyed is Glee.  I didn't think I'd like it.  First, a glee club is usually a choir that stands in rows in robes or suits and ties and sings.  What they really have is a swing choir or show choir.  I should know.  I was in some.  Well, that would be three....

(It was the early 90s, please forgive the big hair)

But how much fun?  It's really great and the song selections are fabulous.  I wish my show choirs had sung less 60s pop and songs from I don't know where and had gotten to do more current music.  I guess Glee isn't all current, but they are some great songs.  You just want to jump up and sing.  I wonder if any of my old show choir mates can still bust a move.  I hope all those Glee kids really do sing, because if they do, they are awesome.  I sure hope it's not dubbed over.   But even if it is, it's still fun to watch and listen.

Does anyone else feel that keeping track of your kids book bags, assignments, papers coming home from school, field trip permission slips, parent-teacher conferences, lunch boxes, and so forth is like going back to school all over again?  I feel like I have assignments every night, signing the box where it says my son did his homework, the line to say my daughter's conference is fine.  It doesn't help when dear Willa comes home to say, "Mommy, you have homework."  Didn't I put in my dues?  Sigh.  Ok, I suppose when I have grandkids I don't have to worry about all that, yes?

Finally, something really weird for the Star Wars fans.  This came via FaceBook friends, but I was giggling about it, so I better share.

Doesn't that just about make your day?

Happy thoughts everyone.  My second day off is done, back to the grindstone.


Aliceson said...

Nice work on the peony transplant.

I haven't seen Glee yet but heard about it on several blogs now. My husband doesn't care for shows like that so if I want to watch it I'll have to find it somewhere online.

I so know what you mean about the homework. I recently was told by the teacher (in note form of course) that we need to read the cheesy practice books more than once a night in order for Mae to master the sight words. Heck they practice it at school so much that she doesn't even open the book before she starts rattling off simple sentences about a man a pan and a can.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I've heard that Glee is a good show but haven't caught it yet. I have been netflixing Californication...

Wild Child said...

Aliceson: We get those stupid books too. My daughter is reading Junie B. Jones to HERSELF. I don't bother. Um, I think she's got the sight words down. So, there, you don't have to feel guilty too.

Pseudo and Aliceson: the Glee shows from the previous 3-4 weeks are on-line at Fox.com. I missed the first few, but after watching episode 4, I went back and watched the rest. You can pick it up anywhere in the story line though. I have DVR capabilities (I don't know how we got along without it before), so I watch my guilty Glee pleasure without the company of my husband, when I feel like it.

Wild Child said...

Oh, and an update about Glee, last night one of the kids sung "Sweet Caroline." I cannot believe they even worked a Neil Diamond song! Seriously, it is fabulous. Yay, tonight is FlashForward. Hope Jack Davenport gets more face time.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ah, a girl after my own snark, I mean, heart. I'm still on with Grey's since they actually pulled a good one last week, but Private Practice has been a thorn in my DVR's side since it debuted. I find it too predictable and too campy, but cannot stop watching if only to condemn it!
Glee? Love it. Because it embraces the camp. And yes, they all actually sing. (Kristen Chenoweth on the show a few weeks back? Brilliance!)