Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Tuesday, Random Tuesday


Say the title of this post like "Taco Tuesday, Taco Tuesday."  That's what I hear in my head.

If you don't like my gibberish, I'm sure you can find more at the Un Mom!  Tell Keely I said hi.

New thing I learned today at exercise.about.com.  You can't "tone" your muscles.  What you are really wanting to do is define your muscles.  Which means you have to lose weight.  And maybe build some strength.  You can't use lighter weights and higher reps to get lean defined muscles.  You should lift weights and lighter weights at higher reps gives your muscles endurance.  But to get that lean, defined muscle look, sigh, you do need to lose weight.  The good news is, I'm doing cardio and lifting weights for strength, which is two out of three things recommended.  As I get older, stronger muscles and stronger bones are important.  And I'm lifting for most of my major muscle groups (I'm avoiding anything with knees at the moment, they are making a funny popping feeling).  The bad news is that I'm not on any diet.  At my last dr. appt. they said, "Good, your weight is steady."  Which is higher than I would like it, but I guess the good news is it hasn't gone up.  I am thinking about what I eat, and I know I do not eat enough vegetables or fruits.

Which leads me to the fact that I think I want to join a produce co-op.  Last year I tried growing my own tomatoes.  They were okay, but I've had better and I think the pots they were in were not big enough to produce good plants.  I'm thinking a locally grown, variety of vegetables, forcing me to make something with them, forcing me and the family to eat them, might help bring my veggie intake up, bring down the processed fried stuff and cut back on the excessive meat and meat fats, that I might be able to drop that ten pounds I want to drop.  You'd think ten pounds would be easy, but it is the hardest thing.  Though, I'm not trying really hard, but I feel I shouldn't change my habits too much, or I won't be able to maintain the diet that will maintain my weight at a lower level.

Ok, so who has been to the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee?  I have!  It's pretty cool, state of the art, lots of shiny vehicles (ooo shiny!).  I have imagined myself a closet motocyclist.  I would not be adverse to riding one (with a helmet on, I don't care about helmet hair).  The best part?  (click this and scroll to the bottom) They had a huge room with a movie screen showing the open road and archive Harley footage and about 10-12 different makes and models of Harley cycles.  This is where I could partly live out the fantasy.  I was like a kid, trying nearly every one.  I should have had my camera just to get a picture of me on a motorcycle, for once in my life.  I feel I'm a sleek-type rider, maybe something like this.  Huh, bet you never would have guessed I was closet biker wannabe.  But not the long distance, wide ones, with the leather and the long haired guys (ew).  I'm more into something sporty.  I might even like a sporty bike better than a sports car.

It snowed last night and this morning.  Last night, in the head lights, the world was all sparkly.  Not so much on this gray morning.  Did anyone check with Phil?  Did he see his shadow?  I have to go look that up next.

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Christine Gram said...

Oh, I could do a harley too. At least I like the idea of myself on a harley.

The produce co-op sounds like an awesome idea. I know when I have access to lots of new and fresh fruits and veg I eat more of it. All friends of mine who have done this love it. I'd vote for "go for it"