Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday: I'm on a roll

I had to rejoin the meme themes again this week.  I finally got some subjects to work with.

My daughter's new favorite and frequent thing to do is to wear my shoes.  This time she dug out my winter dress boots.

Throw in the bright 80s reminiscent colors and the headband with the flower and I think she's starting to channel Cyndi Lauper.  I don't know if I can handle the 80s stuff the second time around.  Last week I was in Old Navy and they had the polo shirts, with two toned collars, meant to be worn UP!

Come on people, it was geeky on us in the 80s.  You really think it will get better the second time around?

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Aliceson said...

I love it! My girls have been wearing lots of headbands lately. They keep sweaty summer hair out of the face.

Kelly said...

That's adorable!

Sorry I was absent from my own meme this week. The out of town guests are running me ragged!

Wild Child said...

@Kelly--I know, I missed you. I looked on your site and no Wardrobe. But yes, you have a good excuse (love that the AZ kids didn't know Bob Evans, LOL).

@Aliceson--if she would only wear it to keep the hair out of her eyes. Headbands stay in for a total of five minutes and then they're out. Hence bangs and shorter hair. We need to get a hair cut!