Saturday, August 6, 2011

The insanity

Nearly twenty years ago, I took this test, in anticipation of taking school to the next level: a master's degree.  Here I am, so many years later, signing up to take the GREs.  This, in anticipation of possibly, maybe, going ahead with a doctorate.  I think I might be insane.

Differences: Now the test is on a computer.  The price has gone up exponentially.  I can take the test not on a Saturday.  My brain has not been in the school mode for at least 12 years.  I am a little more freaked out.

Worst part is that I did, actually, amazingly well the last time.  I wish I could have just kept that score.  Unfortunately, they let them expire after five years.  So, I am worried that I will not do so well.  Don't we lose brain cells every year?

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Laura in IA said...

You'll be fine. I remember Amy studying for GREs later in life.