Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Get it in at the last minute

So, I found this little scifi tidbit (seriously hate the Scyfy.  One question: Why?)

Disney princesses reimagined as superheros.

That is pretty awesome.

I want to like the "new" Doctor Who.  This article makes it look as if the stories might continue to be campy and interesting.  But really, can anyone live up to David Tennant?

Courtesy of david-tennant.org
Do I seem a little geeky?  Well, live with it!  I do.  Someone had to marry my husband and all his geeky likes.  It might as well have been me.

So, thanks for waiting out all of Tuesday with me until I got my act together.  Writing has been harder of late.

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tulpen said...

Those princess superheroes are the best!!

I like scifi too. And am so annoyed by 'Scyfy'. You are not alone oh geeky one.

tulpen said...

oh. and love the new header too. fall is my favorite.

Raven said...

I want to see the new Dr. Who, I've heard it's pretty good.