Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts are here


Check out my new profile photo.  Not the best quality, but I wanted a pic of my haircut and I did it with the laptop camera.  It's okay.  I like the background.  It's our office and I like how it makes me look all professorial, even though I'm not.

Did a little change up to the background.  Feeling a litte romantic and historic these days.

Well, well, climate change strikes again.  141 years ago actually.  Check this out.  Essentially, even our ancestors noticed that their acts upon the prairie land changed the soils, which changed the runoff, and then changed the air mass temp, which changed the winters, to cooler.  They were happy for 2 out of 3 winters good for sleighing.  I got a kick out of that.  And then the end of the article trumpets human change as progressive and good for the world.

Now I think I have a reason to visit Florida.  I've wanted to go to Disney World, but it is so DISNEYFIED.  I really would rather have other things to do.  Well, I have a few friends out there that have been to the Universal Harry Potter theme park.  I think now is the time to go.  My kids would love it, I would love it, I think even Mr. Wild would love it.

What's not to love:

From here

From here
 And that's just the scenery.  Who doesn't want to take in a butter beer, or a broom stick ride?

Ok, ya'll go and be random with Keely.


Raven said...

I would so go the the Harry Potter theme park! Now I just need a sugar daddy to finance my little trip. Oh, and do I have to bring the Midgets?

Beth said...

I seriously love this last picture. I dropped by to say hi and decided to follow.

Beth said...

Hey thanks for following my blog. The agent I bought my critique from does an ebay auction each month but it's expensive. You can google search agent critique auctions and find things that way...But critiques for me are hard b/c I am not humble! So I read them, vent and don't deal with it for one week, then I use my table.

unmitigated me said...

1 adult one-day pass to Harry Potters World = $86.00.

alexia said...

I live in Florida and still haven't gone to the HP theme park! I think we may go this summer though, it looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

Awesome place!