Monday, February 21, 2011

So much to blog about, but I keep quiet

Lots of political things happening in my state and the nation.  I have definite and naked opinions.  But I also have a job that I need to keep.  I want to shout from the rooftops my frustration with what appears to be illogical thinking and gross misrepresentation and generalization of how I as a taxpayer feel about things.

I will say that education is incredibly important and that cutting it is the most short-sighted thing we can do to our nation.  Not just for our children, who, as an average, are falling behind the rest of their counterparts in other DEVELOPED countries, but also for the future innovation and pulling up from our bootstraps to make us who we are.  We are cutting off the opportunities for our future to continue to have the majority of us live good middle class lives.  It seems many people are believing that taxes are evil and are what are going to drive us into the ground.  I believe that is not true.  However, none of those people will be alive when their grandchildren or great grandchildren have to deal with the fallout of their decisions.  Why should it bother them? 

Stopping spending now, which seems to be the direction we are going, appears that it will make local governments and school districts have to shed personnel.  This will remove good middle class paying jobs.  More and more parents will both have to work just to maintain a $40,000 income (and I'm talking in my area, there are many other places where the cost of living is so much higher and they need to make more just to be able to own a home in their area).  Down the rabbit hole we go.  There will be no wonderland on the other side.


Aliceson said...

It's so upsetting because we all know that the jobs cut first will be the special ed teachers, teacher aides, supplemental reading teachers (of which my Binny has been helped greatly over this past year), art instructors and so on. Yeah, the grade teachers and critical subjects like math and science will not be cut (or perhaps they will) but with all of the other cuts, the core teachers will be stressed and in turn performance overall will decline, in my opinion.

Around here in our very conservative community, school was never canceled due to the protests and I'm assuming even the teachers (I see many republican backing bumper stickers in the parking lot) here are under the impression that our new Gov. is doing the right thing for the state. I just hate to see people who really have a passion for teaching, already working hard to make ends meet on their very modest salaries be punished in the name of tax cuts. Tax cuts that will make very little difference on the bottom line for most families in comparison of expense to our children and their education.

Beth said...

Do you by any chance live in WI? I just asked b/c you said so much is going on in your state. We just moved to WI from TX and there seems to be tons going on!
And as for having opinions you have to be careful about voicing I understand. I worked for the gov for 2.5 years.

Wild Child said...

Beth, I do live in WI.

Beth said...

I cannot find your email. Could you please send me an email to bethfred08 at