Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Tuesday--Spring Edition


While you are reading this, I am in a water park with my kids.  The water park has a flow rider.  I want to try to fake surf.

I love how my kids love America's Funniest Videos.  It's so cute to listen to them laugh.

Julie/Julia was a really good movie.  I should check out the book.  This is courtesy of the fact that our satellite provider has all the Starz channels on complimentary for a year.  Something about being their 30th year in business (really 30 years?).  So we're seeing movies that were out recently.  Many of them I am glad I never spent the money in the theatre for.

My ideal job would be to go antique picking.  If I could go with Mike and Frank on the History Channel, that would be a blast!

I'm trying out NoScript to protect myself from getting clickjacked on Facebook.  Do you know what clickjacking is?  Neither do I, I have no idea how it happens, but maybe it won't happen now.  If anyone knows anything more let me know.

Go, be random!


Anonymous said...

Craig loves that history channel show too. We watched it all the time in Florida. I can totally see you doing that as a job!

Have a great time on spring break!

Beth said...

Julie/Julia is where I got the idea for Project 52, which wasn't my first blog, but was my first real blog if that makes sense.