Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Tuesday--Getting out of the shadows


Ok, I could talk about this, but I think we all know what's going on there, so we'll let others deal with it for now.

Instead, I'd like to talk about The King's Speech.  A movie I have not seen, but desperately want to.  But I am so happy one of my favorite actors got an Oscar.

  Very handsome and modest.

From here.

What else? Oh, I guess my book won't take as long as this.  At least I hope not.

And today is the first day of  metereological spring.  Yay!  February is over, March is in like a lamb and I really, really, really want a new bike.  I'm thinking Trek women specific design.  Trek is made in my home state, I think I should put my money back into my state.

If a person has a master's degree, how much money do you think they should be making annually?  $30k? $40K? $50K? $60K?  I suppose you will say, well it all depends on what you do.  But, if everyone with masters has to take 60 hours of credit and write a thesis, no matter what the subject, and have to pay the tuition and fees, what should they have to show for it at the end?  And if they shouldn't need a master's, then what is the case for postgraduate education?  What is the purpose?

(Yeah, the ulterior motive is I want to see if I'm making what other people think I'm worth.  I have two masters by the way.)  And if you haven't seen Keely, head over to the UnMom via the ugly button at the top.


RaShelle said...

Haven't seen The King's Speech either, but I love HIM - you know who. Yes him. Mr. Firth.

As for the whole Master's degree and getting paid? Well, wow on two!!!! Awesommmmmmmeeeee!!!! As for the $$$$, you're worth a kazillion dollars. =D

Anonymous said...

Modest is a good way to describe Mr. gorgeous Firth. I told Craig that women are attracted to a modest man.

I like your question about salary, as it is one that often pops into my head with my masters and a masters certificate. Yet, I don't feel compensated adequately in my current position either. I think, setting aside the field I know you are in, you (and I) should make at least $50,000 due to our degrees and our job duties.

Wild Child said...

Ah, Mr. Firth, he may be 50, but he's got it! I could watch anything with him in it, and to prove it, I suffered through Mama Mia just to see him. (well, I DVR'd it so I could fast forward through the songs, though I like ABBA, just not in musical form) Ever since the BBC Pride and Prejudice *melt*

Wild Child said...

And Fit, not yet having broken 50K, I'm getting my compensation package cut. I need to sit down and run the numbers and see if my overall package will be less than when I started that position. I have a sneaking suspicion it is. I took a cut in pay to move to WI, but I was okay with that, because I knew the schools were good here and my kids would grow up in a small town. I now fear for the schools being able to keep up. such a bad lack of foresight and it will land on my kids. Some people might say, well what about the debt, it would land on your kids. Thing is, if they don't get good jobs and become productive members of society, how will the future take care of debt? And it is way bigger than just balancing the budget is going to handle. And don't forget the money we wasted on wars we should not have had in the years we were under a Republican president! Where was the cost cutting then?

Beth said...

I have no idea what a masters could expect to make in this economy. But I can tell you if it's in a non math or science based area, it won't be what it should. Which wouldn't be so bad, if we didn't pay just as much for tuition and sometimes more since science fields tend to get more scholarships. I wish they'd do something about education or at least simplify the interest on student loans.

Hart Johnson said...

How have I not run into someone calling herself Wild Child who expresses Naked Opinions before? I am a Watery Tart leading the Naked World Domination Tour, so it seems to me we have a lot in common...

As for the Master's degree... got one. And I'm in Michigan, so it shouldn't be horribly different in cost of living or pay scale. I finished my MS in 1997 and am now in (academic research) management and am at 60K, but the position UNDER me (also requiring an MS, but much more newly out of school) only pays 35-45K depending on education, years with the U, etc. The problem is the sucky economy. In 2004 a grand I was working under ran out and so I had to move from ISR at 49K. I was offered 3 DIFFERENT jobs because my skills were good, but the pay range was 42K-45K (I took the 42K--the one now under me, because the content was significantly more appealing and I figured if I had to get paid crap, at least I could do what I liked)