Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of school

I am just blown away by the fact that my oldest is in middle school.  This should not come as shock, there are people who I know with their youngest leaving for college, but still, I am probably more nervous about middle school than he is.

My favorite comment about middle school from him today was that "It isn't like on TV where there's a lot of bullies in middle school."  Good call, my dear boy, I think we need to talk about fact vs. fiction again.

The other thing I had to get over was that they are now in two separate schools until he is a senior and she is a freshman.

More passages this year.


Aliceson said...

Lookin' good! Mine started yesterday too and their age just amazes me. Where are our babies?!

As much as we love summer, we were all ready to begin a new year of school. The girls love their teachers and there is a new principal (the third since my girls started) who seems like a good fit for the school, at least better anyhow!

Oh, and the sound in this house yesterday was magical. Just me, a sleeping dog, and the crickets!

Aliceson said...

One more thing, I LOVE your new blog wallpaper, or maybe you've had it for a while :/ Either way, I love it.

Wild Child said...

Thanks on the blog paper. I will be changing it up for a fall one. Shabby Blogs instead of that other one, which I have already forgotten the name of (funny that).

Loved your wardrobe wednesday. Nope, no babies anymore and they love school. Here's to fingers crossed for a principal that is good and sticks.