Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts going strong...


Way too much candy, but healthier kids and a fun weekend nonetheless:

Snow Princess (good choice for the chilly weather)



We found a snow man, an orange snowman, but a snowman anyway.

Had a great time trick or treating with our friends, Bumblebee the Transformer and Spider Girl.

(Why is it that most superhero women are Something Girl, where their male counterparts are Something Man? Like Super Girl, Super Man, Bat Girl, Bat Man, Spider Girl, Spider Man.  There is only one Wonder Woman.  Wonder Boy sounds better than Wonder Man, don't you think?)

You will notice that there is no older child in these photographs.  I have hit a milestone I was not ready to hit.  The "I'm too old for trick or treating and a costume" milestone.  Made me feel sad that the end of an era was here.  We did buy him something earlier for a costume, when he was having a school party and I told him he should have a costume, but he missed the school party and refused to go out in the costume.  Mr. Wild also recently overheard him telling his sister and her little neighborhood friends that he didn't think Santa was real, that it was really just his Mom and Dad.  He hasn't said anything to us and I'm still not sure how to deal with it.

I'm so not ready for this next stage of childhood development....middle school!

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Moyrid said...

Woman is too long a word to sound good. 'Spider woman' sounds lame. Wonder Woman works because of your favorite alliteration. 'Super woman' is pants but so is 'super girl'. 'Cat woman' works but the best names for women super heroes are the ones that ignore the gender like 'Storm', or 'Rogue".