Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So random

Let's join the random blogging world.


I am shooting for incredibly random, mostly rants of the last few days.

I am annoyed at the concept of query letters.  Yes, I've been trying to craft one for that book I co-wrote.  Writing is a lot easier when you're making a book with characters, plot, research, descriptions, emotions.  SELLING a book you wrote is a whole lot different.  Too bad I can't just send a video of me describing my book to my potential agents.  Though a video of me could be scary.  I just want to say that the editing phase and the writing and editng phase of a query letter is not fun.  You hear that.  NOT FUN.  I want fun again.  Guess I should write another book.

And on that subject, no, I did not participate in NaNoWriMo or whatever that is.  I'll write my novel whenever I damn well please, thank you very much.

At work, I had someone who was supposed to interview me for a newspaper article.  That's fine.  Except she was random about when she'd call, maybe yesterday afternoon, maybe this morning.  Well, she called today at 11:50 am.  Yup, I waited around the office (somewhat) expecting this important call and she calls with 10 minutes to spare on the morning.  Then we had a brief conversation and she decides why don't I just email her the information.  I would have done that earlier in November if she had decided that back then when she first called to set up the "interview."  But instead I spend my last minutes at work today, the day before my day off of travel to the glorious state of Iowa, cranking out a tome on the subject, which I could have done with ease and care two weeks ago!

By the way, the title of this post is not original.  There's a silly little show on Disney Channel, which I can actually watch with my kids.  Sometimes Sonny with a Chance can be pretty funny.  So, it's a show I don't mind watching with my kids, unlike SpongeBob or Fanboy and Chumchum (I am not making that up).  It's a show about two shows and the actors that are in them.  Check it out:

Oh, I did say, "Check it out!"

So the mice mouse is gone from our house.  Yay!  But, again, at work I get to enjoy their company.  I have some traps there, which we call tin cats.  They look like this:

It works, even without bait.  You set the hole along the wall where they run, and they decide to run right in, but can't get out.  I know I should take it out and empty it, but eew! I know it's supposed to be humane and all, but I am not feeling humane.  Even more so when the mouse nose and paw scrape and chew outside the air vents you see there.  It was trying to get out, banging and scrabbling around.  I don't have a problem with nature, as long as it stays outside in nature where it should live.  And yes, I've said that before.

The best thing is a few days off now.  Today feels like my Friday.  My son gets fitted on Monday for a bar across the top of his mouth for spreading apart his narrow upper jaw.  This is just phase 1 of the treatment.  Poor guy.  His dad and I have given him both bad eyes and bad teeth.  I should have married someone with good eyes, my kids might have had a chance then.

And it's so random over at the Un Mom.

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Aliceson said...

Sounds like you had a crazy day too. It bugs me to no end when people say they are going to call then wait til the last minute to do so. At least she DID call but waiting is never fun.

Have a safe trip tomorrow and enjoy your family Thanksgiving!