Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm not Tweeting and I'm not going Commercial (never say never)

Actually, I'm not.  Not yet.  I can't see why anyone would be interested in me to advertise from my blog.  I have, what, 28 followers?  Yeah, not a capitalistic powerhouse.

The tweeting, on the other hand, well, it still makes me wonder.  Mr. Wild and I were discussing a scenerio in which my work could tweet what we were doing up to the minute.  Then we started laughing about it.  Actually, it could work and build a following, but I would first require a smartphone, so that I could tweet on the go.  I think that's the key to tweeting, being on a cell phone more often than a computer.  But hey, I just entered the 21st century by convincing said hubby we could use a laptop.  Actually, it has been quite handy.  But, no smartphone yet.  I actually use my cell phone for, gasp, calls!

Though, geeky me, I can't wait for the Star Trek-type equipment, the iPad-like thin panels of interactive portable interface, for doing my work.  You know, as I go around the starship checking up on supplies and malfunctioning equipment.  Maybe a boring job, but the holodeck is totally worth it. 

Ha, ha! Those of you that know my work know why this is funny.  Well, if you read my profile, it is funny.  I work in a museum.  Why the heck would I need up-to-date tools?  What if it was a Star Trek museum?

Oh, I think I'm on to something for my next career move.


Aliceson said...

Yesterday when we were walking around Bayshore Mall, I spotted the Apple store and jokingly told my husband that I was going in to pick up an iphone. He gave me a look like "really, what bank did you rob?"

A girl can dream, right?

Kelly said...

I would totally have an iPhone if I was not locked in a lifelong contract with T-Mobile. I'm like an indentured servant to those bastards.

Mind you, all of this technology is totally unnecessary given how often I actually leave the house.

I usually twitter from my desktop.

I'm a total nerd.

Keely said...

I'm "plugged in" 24-7 it seems like and I *still* don't see the point of Tweeting.