Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day Baskets, just like I remember

Tulip-shaped May Day baskets.  I have been looking on-line, just to see if there are any instructions.  I know I remember how to do them, but how can there not be any instructions or even a picture of this type?  All I find are fancy Martha Stewart types with paper or tissue flowers (what? no candy?)  The construction paper tulip-shape were so traditional when I was little.  How could they have been forgotten already? is my duty and responsibility to put up the instructions for making these tulip-shaped May Day baskets.

Step 1: Using construction paper, fold one corner over so the edge touches the opposite edge making a triangle.  Cut off the strip left at the bottom and save for the handle.  Unfold.  You now have a square.

Step 2: Fold the square in half one direction, then in half the other direction.  You should have two lines making a cross in the middle.

Step 3: Fold one long edge up to the middle crease.  Do this on every edge.  When you are done, you should have a grid of creases making 16 small squares total.

Step 4: Take the scissors and cut each crease in the middle of each edge, only to the first fold.  You should make four cuts.

Step 5: The tricky part to describe.  Pull up one square on the side of the cut and overlap it on the square next to it, making them sit as a diamond shape.  Glue, tape, or staple as you go.  Follow around the basket until all ends are overlapped.  See below.

Step 6: Cut the left over paper in half or thirds or whatever.  You can put both together to make a really long handle, or just use one for a short one.  You should probably use staples to make sure they stay on if you're going to hang them on a door handle.

Ta da!

Pooh Bear and Cowie approve.

Step 7: Fill with candy or flowers or both.  (It was candy when I was a kid)  Take them to an unsuspecting friend's house early in the morning.  Ring the doorbell and run and hide, while still watching to see what they think when they find your basket.  If they find you and catch you, they are supposed to kiss you.

Happy May Day, everyone!

Special thanks to Willa for helping me make the trial one and being the craft model as we took pictures.


Aliceson said...

So fun! We used to do this as kids in North Dakota but when we moved to WI no one had heard of it. (I suppose just like St. Nick's day was new one for me.) Maybe next year the girls would like to do this...

Wild Child said...

Apparently they don't do it in Nebraska either. One of my hometown friends said not very many people participate. As for us, I figure even if we don't get our own baskets, we spread the love and get the thrill of hiding and sneaking. It was a good time this morning.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Very cool. I love May day.