Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Tuesday with Thoughts on the side


Positive is a state of mind, don't you think?  Monday I decided to enjoy the sunshine, try to stay focused and try not to let the stupid stuff at work get to me.  Guess what?  It worked.  I was in a good mood that night.  Mr. Wild got the marinated chicken and veg on the skewers before I got home, got it on the grill.  I made the rice and peanut sauce and the daughter sat the table.  I had a little Alice White Lexia wine, a sweeter type, but went well with the chicken.

I picked out Alice White merely because of the name.  The Alice White name, not the Lexia.

There's a pinot noir out there I really like.  I had it once, like 18 months ago (maybe two years), at a girlfriend's house.  I always forget the name and I always ask her again.  I think it's Clois du Bois pinot noir and I think I haven't bought it for my own self consumption because it's over $10 a bottle, at least where I looked.  Yup, I admit, I buy cheap wine.  But you can find ones that are drinkable, right now, and refreshing, even under $10.  My sister had a nice red when I was visiting.  It was smooth and drinkable, but $20 a bottle, so I don't think I'll be buying that brand anytime soon.  I should buy the Clois du Bois for my birthday.  Just because.  And hey, 39 only happens, what, like 20 times in a lifetime.

My writing mojo, where is it?  I think it got sucked away with the stuff that is called my job.  The work can be strenuous on the mind and body, but the environment also makes it worse.  Nuff said.

Glee.  I have to admit, I actually like this show.  I DO NOT take it seriously.  And that's the way to watch it.  I don't care about the plot lines.  I just want to see how they mash up popular songs or interpret tried and true show choir tunes.  Yes, I've been known to hum and sing along.  And dreaming of my high school and college days (yes, I was musically geeky for that long) in a show choir.  Of course, this was the big hair days.  I tried for big hair.

That's 1991 people and fuzzy enough you can't see who is who.  Fair enough!  I will say, I did not achieve big hair, and may I remind  you that even short haired people could achieve big hair.  Actually, I'm looking at the outfits, and there have been worse.  These aren't so bad.

I'm still on the lookout for high fructose corn syrup.  To add more challenge to my shopping (because, you know, my life isn't busy and complicated enough), I'm trying to think about Jamie Oliver and avoiding processed foods.  I suppose, though, the 20 Lean Cuisines I bought for my and Mr. Wild's lunches is a bad example.  But, I am stopping to think about the premade stuff.  I am swearing off Hamburger Helper, though it really helped us through a jam here and there.

But, I'm working for my kids being healthy in their choices.  School lunches here are not my kind of idea of the best stuff.  And I really hate that there are milk flavor choices.  My daughter always picks chocolate and even when we discuss better choices, she still picks chocolate.  Let's have plain milk, please.  And let's work on those menus and try to get rid of all those fried/breaded/frozen foods.  Sign the Food Revolution petition and you can catch up on the ABC series on-line, too.

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Aliceson said...

I love inexpensive (I try not to call them cheap) wine and you're right some of them are pretty good. I made a mistake recently and bought a bottle of white something or other because it had a unique looking label. Maybe not the best way to buy wine as it turns out. Beware of the Winking Owl!

That photo is great! I love the gold ruffle at the bottom of the dresses, just a little bit of flash, not over the top.

Keely said...

You can still get GOOD wine for cheap. Expensive doesn't always mean it's any good, in my opinion.

I should probably get on this Glee bandwagon.