Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Tuesday--R2D2, Yogurt, and 40 year olds (who are probably not virgins)


Take your own strawberry freezer jam you made earlier in the summer, put it on the bottom of a reusable plastic container, dump in about a cup of plain non fat yogurt on top and you have your own made by you fruit on the bottom yogurt, minus the extra high fructose corn syrup and no need to recycle an individual-sized plastic container from the yogurt. (at least not until the large container is empty).  You're welcome, environment and body.

Who hasn't seen the R2D2 pumpkin carving? You're welcome, Star Wars fans.

Making costumes seems like it should be easy and cheaper than the stuff in the store.  Not true, but you can be sure of the quality and make it fit.  Theme this year for us Alice in Wonderland meets the White Queen.
This is the Alice and this is the idea for the White Queen (more here).  The White Queen that you could buy on-line was really bad, so I'm making my own.  Wish me luck! And daughter and the economy, you're welcome.

Son has decided that he will trick-or-treat this year.  About a month ago, he was not going to do it.  Then he got swords to go with last year's ninja outfit.  I think it's safe to say he's got a cooler costume, so he feels he can wear it in public.  He didn't want me to make him anything, though we don't mind doing it. You're welcome, son.

How is it our lives are so busy?  This week alone I have a meeting tonight, Mr. Wild has one tomorrow night, I am hanging with my girls on Friday, daughter has a birthday party on Saturday, son has a soccer game on Saturday and Sunday we have a family birthday party.  October seems to fill up fast, November even more so and December gets to be insane.  You're welcome, friends.

What does one get for her husband's 40th birthday?  I was going to go with boudoir photos, but I can't get my act together to get to a photographer.  Where would you put those anyway?  In the boudoir?  The back up plan was blacksmithing lessons.  I think I still made it work.  You're welcome, Mr. Wild.

Speaking of 40, I have decided, for some reason, that I'm really excited to turn that in a little over six months.  I was thinking this morning, the 20s are for discovering yourself, the 30s are all about raising your kids from babies to more mature, able to take care of and entertain themselves children, so the 40s must be when I can have some time to be me, who I discovered in my 20s, but hadn't had a chance to really explore that me.  Or be a couple, without the kids, sometimes, again.  Or spend more time with my adult friends.  It may just be a perception and totally bogus.  But you're welcome all you nearly turned 40 year olds.  Enjoy the ride!

I still get the "you're so young."  I know, I know, it is awesome to be almost 40 and be considered young, but professionally it actually sucks.  I'm sorry, there really has been 20 years since I was in high school.  I should get some credit for experience and maturity.  I still get so tired of being treated like the 20 year old.  You're welcome bosses whom I have worked my butt off for and you don't give me a shred of credit.

On Facebook, I decided to like NPR and it was an awesome decision.  I get news in my news feed that I actually want to read and learn more about.  If you are on Facebook, you might want to check it out.  It's pretty cool.  That's how I found out about R2D2.  You're welcome, Facebook and NPR lovers.

Nuff random, I need to eat my lunch.  Visit Keely and the gang, just click through on the button above.  You're welcome, visiting randomizer.


True Blue Texan said...

Oh. My. God. R2D2 was AWESOME!

Thank you, Wild child.

Aliceson said...

I can't wait to see your costumes! I finally bought the fabric but haven't started sewing yet and the school parties are next Wed. Eek!

I love NPR on FB too. I also 'like' PBS and get the heads up on programming. I'm a sucker for Frontline and Independent Lens. Basically, I turn off my phone on Tuesday evenings in an effort not to be bothered.

I just turned 30 and was feeling a little weird about it at first, exiting my 20s and all, but I'm getting used to it. I have to I guess, at least for the next ten years! Too, last weekend at the wedding I was photographing, someone called me a 'little girl'. Too bad it was the BRIDE and I couldn't tell her off.

Wild Child said...

@Aliceson--young is great until you want to be professional! Argh! And your height doesn't help either does it?

I'm glad I'm ready for the Halloween parties. Our school has a night time one on Tuesday. I need to get cracking on my own costume. Since I bought all the stuff, I need to make it and be ready.

Aliceson said...

Exactly! And I was even wearing heels!