Monday, November 29, 2010

I suck at Cyber Monday

We're in the market for a flat screen TV, with some money saved up, we thought this would be the year for door busters for one we might want.  No dice.  Not a single really good savings or really good TV deals in any of the ads.  What gives?  No big deal.  I figured, what the heck, I'll check on-line deals.  On-line prices seemed to beat in store prices, as suggested by Consumer Reports.  And it was true, much of what we looked at pre-sales were cheaper than the non-sales in the stores.  So we figured we'd keep looking.  But I haven't seen a lot of deals anyway.

Had the day off today.  Yay!  Dropped the kids off at school, drove over to the gym and exercised.  I got home about 8:45 am and just caught the tail end of Cyber Monday deals on ABC Good Morning America.  I went back a few minutes in the DVR because I had just missed most of the segment.  First item up?  A 47" Vizio with 120hz flat screen for $599!  You saw that $599!  Augh, I said.  I had to get dressed and take my son to his orthodontic appointment in a town 30 minutes away.  No matter.  Emailed the link to the hubby (because we never make a buy over $100 without consulting the other).  He voicemailed me while we were in the appointment.  Sure it's bigger than what we really wanted (40-42") but one heck of a deal.  I was no where near a computer.  Drove son back to school, went to get a sandwich.

Got a plate for my sandwich.

Took it in the computer room.

Opened the window I had saved on my computer with the Amazon TV deal in it.




Thought I found something comparable in the 42" size at $499.



And won't ship until after Christmas.

That's what I get for not jumping on an opportunity.

Maybe I should wait until after Christmas?  When they want to get rid of overstock?

You watch, there won't be anything I want then, either.  I have to be a reasonable consumer with research and making sure the item meets all my demands.

I have a feeling shopping for a good road bike is also going to be painful.

I have yet to see a good holiday deal on the things I want for the family's holidays.  Maybe it means it is not in our best interest to get these items.

Happy shopping.

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Aliceson said...

I know Grafton is a hike from your house, but Costco sells Vizio TVs. Perhaps they have a similar deal???