Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Goodness

A thought for all my friends who were hoping we were moving forward.  Yes, we were sad that things seemed to move backwards.  But now, as what happened in Clinton's admin, the onus is on the Republican House.  Can they really fix things?  Can they really get things done?  We shall see.  My guess is they will screw up royally, the Dems will look better and the fickleness that is the American electorate will swing back the other way in two years having gotten frustrated on the fact that two years is too long for them to wait for anything to be fixed.

Besides, the Republicans led the way in overspending money on a war that I felt was not justified.  (I remember praying that we wouldn't attack Iraq without the support of the UN.  Ah, no such luck).  So fair enough that they get to lead the way in cleaning up their mess.  Should be interesting as they try to not raise taxes, spend more money on war and try to take away Medicare when they can't find anything else to cut in the budget.

Someone else told me that Reagan, their precious Reagan, spent us into debt to get us out of a recession.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  That someone was listening to NPR, which I think is pretty careful with its sources.  They really just can't learn from the past.  Maybe this time more people will start to see the light.

We can only hope.  There always is hope.

BTW, I got into an FB argument with some die hard conservative.  He doesn't want to be forced to buy health care.  When I pointed out that we are required by all states to carry car insurance, he said owning a car was a privilege, living (with or without health care) is a right.  I did not carry the argument on because I was so frustrated.  If living is a right, then shouldn't healthy living be a right for everyone?  Meaning shouldn't we all have access to basic health care without going into debt?  Or do we have a right to have our lives saved in an ER and other patients then carry the cost of what we couldn't afford because we didn't have the insurance to pay for it?  I just don't get it.  Why isn't one's health and keeping it in good health a right?

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Aliceson said...

Of course electing a bunch of republicans isn't going to change anything and certainly not as fast as they promised in their campaign speeches. Washington doesn't change, just the faces. I just hope they don't waste everyone's time trying to repeal healthcare meanwhile reinstating the bush tax cuts for the upper 1%. *Ahem* Ron Johnson *ahem*

I might chime in on Thursday Goodness today... as soon as I find something good to share, that is.