Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Tuesday: Post 251, White Queen, Voting, NaNoWriMo

How can I already be at 251 posts? I guess it has been over two years. I am not even really keeping track anymore.

Here's something I made for Halloween. Well, two somethings, my daughter's costume and my costume:

The White Queen with Alice.  I had a pattern for Alice, I only sort of had a pattern for the White Queen.  Actually, the only pattern pieces i used were for the bodice, then I made up the rest.  I'm crazy like that.

Let's compare:

Little apron thingy, check, puffy side sleeves with transparent shoulder stuff, check, bodice with lace at bottom and in front, check, pearl like beads around shoulder line, check.  Big pouffy skirt, check.
Not bad given what I had to work with.

(Did I mention that the finising work on this was not done until 5:30 am on October 31st?
Yeah, you got that right, it was an ALL NIGHTER!  Sigh, I actually miss the all nighters.  It's quiet, no one bugs me and I can catch up on my dvr recorded shows.  Not that I remember much of them, because it was 3, 4 or 5 am in the moring.)

Better than what I could buy:

Those in the US, did you vote today?  I don't care what your vote is, but don't sit there and be lazy, get out and vote.  Every little bit matters and counts.  Some of these elections are going to be decided by the thousands, or hundreds even.  You better make your voice heard, or don't complain about what is or is not happening.

I put in my 1667 words last night in my first attempt at NaNoWriMo.  Go me.  Some others I think have taken on the challenge of NaBloWriMo.  Go you.  I'll keep you posted, maybe during the weekly random.

Go see Keely for more random.



Aliceson said...

251 posts!!!!

Your costumes are great! That dress of yours looks like it was a ton of work but it turned out just BEAUTIFUL. Willa's too! ;)

Between all night sewing binges and writing a novel, the coffee consumption in your house must be way up there.

Voted this morning!

Laufa said...

Great costumes, you did an awesome job!

Wild Child said...

Thanks Laufa and Aliceson. @Aliceson, I prefer tea and there's been a lot of drinking of that.

tulpen said...

I can't believe you made those!!

I'd like to comission a Dorothy costume for my daughter for next Halloween ok??

Wild Child said...

Tulpen, you are too kind. Dorothy would be a snap! Compared to what I just went through.