Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Best Parental Advice

So the last blog gave me an idea. You, our readers (what 3 or 4 of you), I hope, will add some of the best advice you have heard as you navigate this morass called parenting.

Best two bits of advice that I got:

My mom told me that when I was little and getting to potty training age, the pediatrician told her to not worry or think about potty training until three. So, I took her advice, quit worrying about my son and trying to get him to use the potty before three. He decided 3 weeks before his third birthday (at my parents' house for Thanksgiving, no less) that he would get up on his own and go use the potty that we had brought (good thing). I thought, well, if this isn't a sign, I don't know what is. We went out right away and got fun Bob the Builder undies. He had accidents the first week, then was dry during the day the whole second week. We'd still put pull ups on him at night, but the night before his third birthday, he asked to wear his underpants. I put extra sheets and plastic on his bed, wholly expecting an accident, but he woke up dry and we haven't looked back since. My daughter was a whole other story and even with the three advice, it was a whole different challenge. Never let anyone tell you that girls are easier than boys to potty train.

I read this at Parent Center.com, I think. When you have a picky eater, it is best to make meals with at least one thing you know they will eat, whether main dish, vegetable, or fruit and the rest of the meal is there to offer them. We had many a meal where they would only eat the one thing and it is heartwrenching when you don't know if they are really full or just trying to avoid the food. Both my son and daughter have gone to physical extremes of gagging on the food. My son, at about 3, threw it up once. So we have picky eaters. It was a long hard slog, but the fruits of our labors are coming to bear. My son now eats Indian chicken, tacos and nachos like they're going out of style and is much better at saying he'll try something to see how it is. His example is giving his sister something to strive for and she will now surprise us by saying she'll try something. It's not where I wish it would be, but it is getting so much better. I figure by the time my daughter is eight we'll be in a groove where all foods at the table will land on the plate and be eaten up.

So, dear reader, what is some of the best advice you feel you've received, where was it from and how did it work for you?


Multiple Sarcasms said...

My sister suggested buying an Angel Monitor, a monitor that detects the babies motion when it breaths and beeps if there has been no motion for 10 seconds. For me this let me sleep instead of waking up to check if my baby was still breathing.

Jump Hi said...

The best parenting advice I've ever had...."NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY." This advice was offered to me by a friend of mine who survived 3 boys - at least so far.

Jump Hi said...

On the subject of waiting until the child is ready.... This seems like a sensible plan and clearly worked for the Number 1 Wild. Wild Number 2 is on the fence... But here is the horror story (sorry involves the word poo). My sister tried that approach for potty training. But, by 5 years old her oldest daughter was showing no signs of being inclined to be potty trained and school was looming. So, she had to put her foot down because the child was clearly ready, but not inclined. That philosophy gives a power seeking child a lot of power... Anyways, the child refused to poo for 8 days. Under doctor supervision my sister administered Milk of Magnesia twice a day after day 2 - and the child still held out for 8 days. The doc kept saying "DO NOT GIVE IN." And it was an ongoing battle for weeks. I think it would have been an easier battle at a younger age.