Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Totally misread

I guess I wasn't clear in my last blog. I don't feel that Edward and Bella would truly last, because I don't feel that deeper connection that she seems to have with Jacob. To me, the connection is deeper when you can laugh at yourselves and each other, have a great time, relax, be yourself and, at the same time, be electrified by each other.

Bella, to me, is so much more relaxed and herself with Jacob. Besides, I still can't stand it how much control Edward has over her life. Couched in the fact that he's trying to protect her, but I've heard about relationships like that and they can be bad. Maybe I'm too modern, I don't feel I need a man to protect me and that's what I don't like about the story.

So, I still don't believe Edward is the right one, because, I believe the connection to Jacob is stronger. Yes, he's less "dangerous," and, maybe on the surface, the "safe" choice, but personally, I cannot see anything that tells me she is connected to Edward in a deeper way. Maybe the author just did a better job of describing the relationship between Bella and Jacob. I think a relationship born of friendship or developing into a strong friendship is stronger, deeper, and, if she had let Jacob actually into her life as a suitor, more passionate. But she's never going to know, is she?

That's just how I see it, so I find it to be tragic.

So, nyah. I'm still all for Team Jacob. Stinking bloodsuckers.


Jump Hi said...

I'm with Wild on this - don't know Jacob or Edward, but in my life relationships based on passion end and end badly. Passion makes you do things you regret later. It leads you to make decisions inconsistent with who you are and what you stand for. People justify all kinds of deviant behavior on the alter of passion. Friendship on the other hand is the rock of the relationship, helps you make yourself a better person. Be passionate about the Taj Mahal, be passionate about raising your kids, be passionate tonight, but don't base your relationship on passion. One can have a relationship based on friendship without being insipid like Charlotte. What about Colonel Brandon? I'd way rather be with him than that passionate moron Willoughby - Marianne is way better off in the end.

Multiple Sarcasms said...

What about Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy! Or Edna Pontellier in The Awakening by Kate Chopin, Anna Karenina or Lucy Honey Church in A Room with a View. Clearly matches without passion where not for these ladies, for better or as in Anna Karenina case much worse.

But these, none of these really are the same as Jacob, Edward and Bella. I think the thing with Willoughby and Colonel Brandon, was that Colonel Brandon was not devoid of passion and Willoughby may be passionate but he also is a selfish bastard. It was not passion that was the problem there.

The passionate choice is not always the wrong one. I would give up a lot for passion, well and I did and neither I nor Mr. Multicasms have never looked back.

But lets look at Edward, he is a man of his times. Born over 100 yrs ago, immortal and virtually indestructible, never been in love before and he falls in love with Bella who is very mortal and has no sense of self preservation and who's life he saves in the beginning of book 1. It is hardly surprising that he is a little over protective. Not that he should be but he has to learn. So what else don't you like about Edward Wild?

Wild Child said...

He's a charicature of a man of his times. I don't feel he's real at all. Generalization is a dangerous thing in history, but so is placing your own present day biases on a person. I guess the author has not created in my head the kind of relationship that I can believe there really is passion.

And, don't forget MS, weren't you friends with Mr. Muticasms before you found that passion? Passion is just one angle of a deep relationship. I feel if you did not find that deep friendship with Mr. Multicasms, your passion would not have been able to overcome the difficulties you faced together.

MS, I think you think I believe that passion and friendship in a realtionship are mutually exclusive. Not so. My argument is that the passion is deeper and longer lasting with the person who knows you best and is your friend.

Multiple Sarcasms said...

Oh I love this type of argument:) Possibly a little too much. I don't believe that passion and friendship are in anyway exclusive. Nor am I trying to say that. I don't believe that Edward and Bella have only passion on their side.

Yeah and Mr Multicasms and I were passionate about each other but for other reasons didn't act on it and thus became friends.

Also I actually like Edward and Jacob more than Bella. If I had to choose I would pick Edward but if it was only Jacob I won't kick him out of bed.

For Bella I think she needs someone more cultured than Jacob because she loves her books a lot, knowing many off be heart. There is no sign that Jacob ever reads, although he might for her and who knows might even enjoy books too.