Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Worst Parenting Advise

On the other extreme here is some of the worst parenting advise I got.

Drop a couple of cheerios into the toilet and ask your potty training son to aim for the cheerios. Sounds reasonably clever. They say that men will aim for things in a potty, they even use the idea in public urinals to keep men from peeing everywhere (why is this necessary?) . I tried it, what a mistake. My son was so unable to hit his target and in his attempt to he pee ended up everywhere but the ceiling. No joke. This was from a parents magazine.

Wake your new born baby up every 2 hours during the day to feed so they will be plenty full all night and sleep for you. Again sounds fiendishly clever. This was from the pediatrician we had at the time. He is no longer our pediatrician. Our son was so tired he couldn't nurse properly at night and got up every 30 mins to snack but fell asleep before he was full up. Disaster for the exhausted new parents. And lets face it, if it was that easy to get a new born to sleep we would have sorted it out several millennia ago.

There are plenty of disaster gems. Anyone care to share

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Wild Child said...

worst parenting advice: girls are easier to potty train than boys. Big Fat Lie.