Monday, November 24, 2008

Long Time No Squeak

For a variety of reasons I have not been able to blog recently. However, I spotted this article today and thought I really should share it. It is almost porn for parents. Now I have your attention!

It is about the rules pediatricians break with their own children. Pediatricians Confessions. Of course we all suspected that our pediatricians didn't follow the book. But it is still interesting to read what rules went out the window. Of course it is really nice when pediatricians have had experience with some of the same problems we mere mortals have. They can give better advice and be less judgmental.

Of course my present pediatrician has no children and I really do think he is brilliant. So having children is not a prerequisite to being a sensible and good pediatrician.

I have to say I think my favorite story is the one at the end of the article. The mother and doctor in question only realized that maybe her 4 yr old son didn't need a sippy cup any longer when he brought her the gallon of milk, the cup, lid and valve and asked her to fill it.

I guess they all are just human, may be educated and human but still human.

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Jump Hi said...

It isn't the point of the blog, it really possible to fight a cracker and fruit diet? My two year old's idea of expanding his culinary horizons is eating goldfish for breakfast and wheat thins for lunch. Seriously, the child is thriving on apples, blueberries, bananas, cheese and crackers with the occasional steak thrown in. So it isn't green - does that really make me a bad Mom in anyone's eyes? Those of you who wish to judge really need to find an outlet for your petty meanness. I hear Sarah Palin is looking for a chief of staff.