Tuesday, February 17, 2009

100 days

100 days. 100 episodes. 100 friends on Facebook (not 100 posts, yet)

How many of you have, or had, kindergarteners out there?

*Looks around the crowd, sees a few hands*

There may be a few of you with preschoolers who may have experienced this, too.

Today was the 100th day of school celebration in her class. It's been more than 100 days since I started this blog, but I started on Labor Day and she started soon thereafter, so let's call it a milestone for both of us. She (we) had homework this weekend. We had to send a bag with a 100 collection in it. Yeah, I know, I was also like, what? We don't own 100 of anything. Actually, we do. Crayons. Good thing, because I was not going to go out and buy paperclips, or rubberbands, or whatever else was suggested. Crayons were good. And, as the teacher directed, we counted out all 100 crayons. However, I was NOT going to send the crayons all loose in the bag. They were nicely housed in the 64 crayon box, and the 24 crayon box, and the extra few scattered in the bottom of the bag. But I swear, we did count every single one, like we were supposed to. Because I am the overachieving mom.

We also had to send a 100 snack. 100 sticks of pretzels. We diligently washed our hands. Well, she did and she counted every single one.

Then, poor babe, she got the cold Mr. Wild and I had. It was touch and go, but she said she felt well enough to go to school today, and she really wanted to go. She had a good time with all her 100 things. The teacher mixed all their 100 snacks together, the kids counted by 5s and 10s, colored, and talked about 100 all day. She had paper glasses made out of 100, and a crown with counting by 10s on it. All in all a good thing.

We also had parent-teacher conferences tonight. WC #2 is doing just great. (So is WC#1, but his conference was last night.)


She perhaps talks too much and doesn't concentrate on getting her work done. The teacher was very nice, saying that talking was okay, as long as they talked about their work and got their work done. And she said it was a very chatty class. That must be something, lots of chatty kindergarteners.

You all hear my mom in the background? Yeah, she's nodding her head. That's because it's hereditary.

See, when I was in first grade, apparently I was a bit chatty. And guess what? I have the comments from my report card:

"Wild Child is progressing well in all academic areas of first grade study. We are continuing to stress with Wild Child that it is important to complete certain tasks daily and that it is also necessary to help by being quiet during study periods. Wild Child is very socially inclined and we are trying to chanel [sic] that admirable trait."

Wow. She says that very nicely.

You're all wondering how I came to have that report card.


L said...

100 day sounds amazing!

In first grade my teacher told my mom I was a "social butterfly." My mom passed the news to me and apparently I never spoke in class again.

I talk all the time. It's bad. But, to this day, people who talk in class (even in a class at the gym, grr,) make me upset. Give the teacher some respect!

I wonder if that can be traced to the lesson I learned in 1st grade? Hmmm.

Aliceson said...

This whole 100 day thing is new to me, but if it helps reinforce numbers and counting in an unconventional way, I'm all for that.

I hope WC#2 starts feeling better soon.