Friday, February 20, 2009

Looking for Frugal Favorites

I'm still looking to add to my Frugal Menu from you folks. Maybe my parameters were too tight. Kid-friendly AND adult-friendly might be asking too much. And the ease of preparation to rival getting take out, okay, maybe a bit unrealistic.

BUT, I would like your help with recipes and/or meal ideas. Here, I'll get you started. Mr. Wild's favorite meal to fix (the man loves chopping things up, you gotta love that)


Brown the hamburger. Use prepackaged taco seasoning WITHOUT silicon dioxide (the brand we have at the moment is Carlita's, but when we run out, I'm trying to make my own) with whatever water they tell you to use and simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Put tacos shells on a pan (we used Carlita's again [FYI it is a SuperValu brand]) and bake according to directions. Make sure you time it, you might get burned taco shells otherwise (and yes, that can happen).

Chop up any of the following: lettuce, tomatoes, onions

Also, make some SteamFresh frozen veggies (we like the corn), serve in a bowl, and chop up fruit into a fruit salad. Put some shredded cheese on the side, maybe salsa, maybe a little light sour cream, maybe ketchup (don't ask, at least the kids eat the tacos).

Voila, dinner!

What?! You want me to tell you what it cost per serving? Pshaw! At least we ate at home around our dinner table. At the very least, we didn't spend any money on gas.

What's on your table?


Aliceson said...

I haven't forgot, I will be posting a great one dish wonder on Monday... hopefully, and will link to you of course.

Have a great weekend.

Aliceson said...

Ok, my recipe is up on my blog. Enjoy!

I haven't figured out how to link in a comment yet. One day...

Heather said...

How about this:-
One frozen 9" pastry shell
Mix together 2 eggs and an extra yolk with half a pint of cream.
Grate some cheese
Throw in some broccoli
Cook at 375 for 30 minutes and you have a yummy broccoli and cheese quiche. Serve with some other veggies.