Friday, February 6, 2009

Your Frugal Friend--Stuff you need to know

Economic Stimulus Plan: Do you know what's going on? I'm not sure I know or understand all of it. But Skywriter over at November Fifth is putting together a nice summary. But beyond the summary, she asks you, the reader, to look it over as well. So I have. And I think I need to read it through more carefully. I have some thoughts on the economy that I'm working on for a post. I am not an economist by any far stretch of the imagination, but I can tell you what I see and what I think from my view point, here in small town midwest.

Do yourself a favor and instead of ignoring the politicians, pay attention. And pay attention to your representative. And start making comments to him/her. If you're on-line reading this, then you probably have email and email isn't that hard to use. Many people spent the last eight years ignoring. The new administration is promising transparency, so demand it from your government.

No, you may not get everything you want or believe in, that's why there is compromise, but also, don't sit and hrumph around just because you didn't get what you wanted, keep talking (and not shouting and not accusing and not participating) or life will move ahead without you and you'll wonder what happened.


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