Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No sleep

I hate colds. I hate cold medicine.

I tried using Alkaseltzer Plus Cold Medicine. Last year it was a pretty good standby. But yesterday, I had ringing in my ears. And I couldn't sleep last night (this morning? right now?), which used to happen with Sudafed (which actually seemed to make my heart race). The ringing in the ears is listed on the package and says I'm supposed to stop taking it and call the doctor. Like I have time for that. Doctors are only available during working hours, but what am I doing then? Working. So I have to carve out a bit of time to call. Then I'll get a triage nurse, who will take my problem down and then I wait while at some point she talks to the doctor and then calls me back later to tell me if I need to do something different or if I need to set up an appointment.

I have a feeling they'll just say, stop taking it. Ugh. So now what do I do to clear up my sinuses? Yes, I'm drinking hot liquids and taking hot showers. I suppose we really ought to pull out the humidifier.

Meanwhile, I am awake right now at 5:30 am. Well, I've been awake since 3:50 am. And not really tired. And now I'm hungry. I am supposed to get up at 6:30 am (usual time). I don't think I'm going to be sleeping for an hour. If I went back to bed, I would probably toss and turn.

Lack of sleep will not be good for my cold. I worry if I'm not careful, I will get an ear infection. Which adults don't usually get. I got one about 7 years ago, much to my surprise and the doctor's. I had a fever and my ears were hurting after all the nasty draining and plugging of my ears. I went in and the doctor looked in my ear and says, "Well, you have a raging ear infection." She sounded super surprised. I'm thinking, "No, sh*t, sherlock," because it was hurting badly. Ever since then, when I hear the goop slopping around in my head, I worry it will infect my ears again. So maybe it's good I'm upright and drinking hot liquids.

At least I'm getting some blog posts in.


Aliceson said...

During our last round of colds, Hubby swore by Sudafed 12 hour but I wasn't too thrilled with it. But I do have a cold comfort food, actually it's a drink. I make what I call "Hot Grapefruit." Juice a whole grapefruit pulp and all and heat in the microwave with equal amount of water and 1 Tbsp. sugar or honey. It's warm and yummy and full of get-healthy vitamins.

My bro (age 34) still gets an occasional ear infection and just last year I was so sick and actually went in to the clinic to get a prescription for an antibiotic because I had STREP THROAT!!! Talk about silly, I haven't had my tonsils since I was 10.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Wild Child said...

Hey, that hot grapefruit juice does sound good. I've been drinking hot water with about a teaspoon of lemon juice in it. It's hot, it's a little lemony.

I prefer Ricola sugar free Lemon Mint drops for my throat, but I've switched to Halls Cherry mentholatum to help open up my sinuses. It seems to help when I'm sucking on them.

I called the drs office. The nurse told me lots of liquids. Duh, I know that. But it seems even the cold medicines don't do you any good. Liquids to keep the mucus flowing. Oh, yum. But maybe I'll feel better soon. The ringing in the ears could also be caused by stuffed up Eustacian tubes. So heck, how do you know if it's the cold or the medicine to mess you up.

Eudea-Mamia said...

I know you're pretty careful about what you take, and this one can be controversial, but the one thing that always opens my head is nose spray. As long as you only take it for a couple of days, that whole rebound effect will not occur.

I'm hoping by now you are free and clear of the germies. Colds are horrible. Ear infections are the worse.

Good health vibes!