Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun movie for the family

I thought it would be outrageously silly, but it was the right amount of comedy for all of us. There have been better movies for family, but this one was enjoyed by all of us at different levels. I can't say the acting was outstanding, or the jokes were totally knee-slapping, but well worth the entertainment for a family with a kid as young as almost six. Younger, though and it might not be appropriate and as enjoyable. Also, you might want to see it before your kids do. Nothing offended me per se, but romantic overtones were involved.

What movie you ask?

Bedtime Stories, which we watched at almost bed time. They were good stories, and the kids giggled the whole way through. The buggy eyed guinea pig was helpful in that respect.

I was worried Adam Sandler would be over the top, but he does a good job of being just mellow enough for kids to handle. It was quite enjoyable. Now if someone could give the goof ball a better hair cut in this movie, I could have liked it more.

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