Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

Inspired by Aliceson over at Feet Off the Table.

My daughter is creative in her dress. And also practical. Notice the layers. It was a cold day.
She likes to mix it up. Though, most of the time, it isn't too clashy. I need to catch her photo on her mismatched sock days. She does that on purpose, because she has a friend who liked to wear mismatched socks and, so, she will mismatch her socks. Then we have trouble keeping the matching pairs together. A bit annoying.

And one result of our economic stimulus:

The glasses are new, the skirt is new and the tennis shoes are new. She's very excited about the tie tennis shoes. She has been practicing constantly. We haven't let her wear the new ones to school yet because of rain and mud. Oh, and the socks, she picked those out to go with the outfit she put together here. I think they accent the whole very nicely. She had the butterfly shirt already and it was one of the tops I was envisioning when I went ahead and bought the skirt. It's a very put together outfit. The very large sunglasses weren't my first choice, but she seems to like them.


Aliceson said...

Very cute! and please tell me you sent her to school like that. My kids can't be the only ones putting together crazy outfits.

Wild Child said...

Totally, she goes to school in some interesting combinations. I figure these are the small fights I'd let her win. When we get to inappropriate clothing in teenage years, then I'll put my foot down.