Monday, April 13, 2009

You would think on Spring Break

I would have more time to post. Actually, I don't have a spring break--my kids do. I took some time off, but things got thrown out of kilter. Our spring break was exactly one day. Well, okay maybe three, because we did visit with friends for dinner Saturday, and had Easter yesterday, with a mini egg hunt.

Spring break started on Good Friday. I am thankful that next year, spring break has nothing to do with the Easter holiday. It is difficult for me to take time off in April, because we have training I must run at work and I really can't be gone. But next year will be better.

We took our kids to a children's museum and a free zoo not too far from our town. The weather was a bit windy, but still warm enough. The children's museum was really set up for kids from toddler age until maybe seven, though they claimed it was for up to twelve-year-olds. Did not entertain my nine year old at all and I felt bad for him. Not to mention it was overrun with moms who brought their babies and toddlers. I know he didn't feel like he fit in. We spent less than two hours there, but it was only $5/person, so not really complaining. Less than a movie.

The zoo was better. It was the city's free zoo and they really are working hard to spruce it up and improve it. I was there two years ago with WC#1 on a field trip. They were working then, too. We got to see the play area done that they were putting in at the time of our first visit. It was a great play area! The animals were in good form, the ones that were outside. The polar and brown bears did some swimming and playing. The otters did flips off the wall. The tiger paced right in front of the clear window while we stood next to it. Most of us did, poor WC#2 hid behind me. It was a bit nerve racking to see the big cat right there next to us. We were disappointed we couldn't find the lion. We saw rhinos, giraffes, buffalo (bison actually), prairie dogs, snakes, frogs and lizards, and we were in the primate house, where the poor chimps were in their fight mode, but couldn't attack us, so they were on guard. We saw porcupines, flamingos, wallabies, kangaroos, penguins, an emu, meercats, and a capybara. We skipped the bird house, and I think the farm animal exhibit was on hold, as they try to make new habitats for all the critters. The only issue I had, is that the restrooms near the giftshop, which is at the main entrance for the zoo (though there are others), was closed and poor WC#2 had to run to the restrooms in the middle of the zoo, which I wasn't entirely sure where they were and didn't have the time to stop and ask for fear of an accident. We found them and we made it, but bad planning on the part of the zoo. Open the restrooms up during spring break at the main entrance, duh!

Being in the "big city," we got our restaurant eating in, stopping in at Noodles and Company and Chili's for supper. WC#2 declared Chili's her new favorite restaurant; they served mandarin oranges and corn on the cob with the kids' meals. Both were a hit with WC#2. We also got a little mall time, and I even found a last minute Easter dress for my youngest. Actually, it is a color that I was looking for, as I want the kids to get a photo where WC#2 is in a bright pink sundress and WC#1 in a blue polo shirt, almost exactly like the clothes they wore when she was 3 months old and he was 3 years old. I'm hoping I can get this to turn out.

So the Saturday before Easter, we spent with friends, which was a really good time, and Sunday was pleasant. I finally got it straight. Instead of making a huge meal which Mr. Wild and I eat only, I made homemade chicken strips (with a melba toast crust, baked, less fat), mashed potatoes, corn and rolls. Almost all of it was eaten and everyone was satisfied. I was glad to not have the usual food whine at the table. Then I took the kids with me to do a major shop at Walmart. Hadn't done a major shop in a long time, and we'll have to do another one this spring to put clothes on our children for the summer, especially shoes. How do they grow so fast?

So, Mr. Wild is going to work for the census, and this whole week he is training. Which is really bad timing, because it is spring break for the kids. I took the first two days off, thinking we'd do more day trips as a family. Instead, I'm taking care of the kids (and scrubbing the shower and toilet, making homemade chicken stock, washing stained clothes and dishes) the first two days, then right back into training staff for the season. Which goes through this Saturday and into next week.

Oh, and did I mention that my in-laws are coming Thursday and staying through Monday? And Mr. Wild is trying to see his best friend, who lives in New York state, but is in our state for one night on Saturday. Could we pack any more in? Fun times!

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Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Since I am a newer reader, I am wondering. Is Mr Wild the husband? And he wants to go out the night his parents are staying??