Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthday Reflections

I was musing on my birthday and how I wanted to celebrate it. Looking back to my youth, I remember birthdays were exciting affairs. Anticipation and build up to the event culminated in a party, or cake and presents with candles blown out and lots of joy.

I've been asked by friends and husband what I wanted for my birthday. Not a whole lot, I decided. I took the day off from work, got a nice pedicure, had Chinese food for lunch (my favorite), and just lounged around. Finished listening to my book on CD. This year I don't even care to have my husband take me to a fancy restaurant. Maybe I'll have a beer with dinner, or maybe a drink at book club. I guess once you've had many birthdays, counting another one gets to be a bit anti-climatic.

I don't even care to have a cake with candles, though I wouldn't refuse it if I got it. I didn't let my kids and husband off the hook for a card, but they came through with a fun Hoops and Yoyo card (I love those little guys, they are hilarious). I am looking forward to the next milestone birthday, but that is a couple years off.

As it is, I have my class reunion this weekend, which is going to be enough party in itself. So, we'll go back to my hometown and enjoy that, then get ready for the 4th and for our trip to Hawaii.

At the very least, I marked my birthday with a post. Happy Birthday to me.


Simon McClenahan said...

And a Happy Birthday to you! Do you feel wiser now than say last year or 5 years ago?

Wild Child said...

Actually, if you want me to be serious, yes, age and experience puts lots of perspective on things. So, if that makes me wiser, or maybe it makes me feel wiser. I may not be wiser.

How about you, since you are a bit older than me, do you feel wise?

2 Brits, 2 Yanks, 2 Dogs said...

Happy Birthday!

Aliceson said...

A few days late here but Happy Birthday wishes just the same!