Friday, June 19, 2009

Need a post to move that other post on

Random me. Looking at the HUGE but nifty video I embedded in my blog a couple of weeks ago. I hate to get rid of it, because I like the story and the photo and the video, but it covers the right side of my blog with all the essential blogs I need to catch up on.

More random. Sent the book out to friends to read. So it's getting its first read through. All the way through, all 16 chapters of it. Wish us luck.

Continuing random. Facebook is weird, fun, stupid, and exciting all at once. Today I saw posts from people I knew in college that I had lost track of. I wonder if I'm strange in that there are some people that I never kept up with by phone or letter, or even email, yet, 15-20 years later, I am curious about how they're doing. Like to see that they have families, or interesting things to do. Ordinary or extraordinary careers, fun home lives. Why am I so incredibly curious and then genuinely interested? It's all just very strange to me that I would care enough to spend an hour clicking around in there. I really don't do the games unless I'm really bored and want my brain to debug after a long day. I "found" links to former elementary school friends. Whom I may have last seen in 1982. But it was neat to find them. One of them had a really cute older brother from what I remember. Today he had a commented on one of her Facebook quizzes. So I clicked on his link to see his profile picture closer up. Ok, who said these people are allowed to age?! OMG! I just about died, I said to myself, wow, he's getting old. Except, see, I think he was only a couple years older than us. So, ouch! What's that mean for me?

More random. My babies are back home. Mr. Wild took them to his hometown for 3 days, 2 nights. He's got a potential working gig there, a little extra cash to help pay for extras, like braces for #1. He went to examine the project and make a bid on it. They got some Grandma and Grandpa time. And what did I get? Two late nights because I hate sleeping alone in a house. So tonight, I should go to bed early. Mr. Wild left for a little poker tonight. It's okay, because I'm going to watch the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with the kiddos. Boy, do I miss having a family. I can't imagine going back to being single and without children. It really kinda sucks.

More random. Why is it when I lose a pair of sunglasses, then go buy another pair, I find the sunglasses again? I said so to my friend on Wednesday, when we were out buying stuff (some accessories for my 20th class reunion) "Look I'll buy these and then find my missing ones." The ones I got were nice and $6 each. Then, yup, you guessed it, today I found the ones I had lost. Then....lost the new ones I had taken to work today. Doh! And I like the new ones better than the old ones. I was so mad at the end of the day. Just at myself.

Final randomness. I missed Wardrobe Wednesday. But I think that Aliceson will appreciate my Wild Child's fashion sense.You're seeing correctly, flowers in the butterfly, stripes on the skirt, and the addition of polka-dotted stretch pants. At least the socks match the pants, sort of.

Happy Father's Day weekend everyone. Shhhhh! Don't tell Mr. Wild, we're taking him to UP as part of our festivities!


Aliceson said...

I know, we're all getting old. I saw a former classmate a while back at the drug store (he's a pharmacist) and almost didn't recognize him with almost NO HAIR.

I love #2's outfit! She'd fit right in with my girls. ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful father's day as a family, sounds like you have lots of fun in store.

♥ Braja said...

Ahhh, that possibly explains why it's quiet this weekend in blogland....

♥ Braja said...

Father's Day, that is: not your daughter's fashion sense :)))