Friday, September 11, 2009

I just realized ONE YEAR

I just realized I started writing this just over a year ago. So much changes in a year, it's incredible.

I thought to celebrate I want to rename my kids.


Well, at least for this blog. I am kind of bored with the non-creativity of Wild Child #1 and #2. So I was giving it some thought. I am going to use the names they might have been given had our fancies struck us differently.

WC#1 had a toss up, but the second choice name was Andrew. He does not seem like an Andrew at this point in his life, but I think I will use it here.

For WC#2, we had come up with a silly name for her that I don't think we would have ever used. It was a private joke between Mr. Wild and me, but I cannot explain it without revealing the real name of her brother. I have always liked the name Willa, so Willa she will be here.

And at some point, I may have to describe me yelling in frustration at them, so may have to use their middle names. Each name did have a middle name to go with it. So, you may see Andrew Ervin or Willa Marie pop in occasionally.

So introducing Andrew:

And Willa:

(if you look close, you can see her eyes match that ocean)

But they are sooo not those names.

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Aliceson said...

Cute! I like the new names and I don't think Willa isn't any sillier than "Binny" which happens to be my daughter's actual nickname.