Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Okay, okay, here's some pictures of our lovely trip to Maui, Hawaii:

The flight there:

Our backyard, yeah, it was always gorgeous like that:

Some beach time:

Heading to the mountain with Grandpa and cousins:

Haleakala, my sister, me and some of our kids. Sorry, we were all freezing up there. Should have been better prepared:

Gorgeous Iao Valley:

Some miniature golf and bumper boat time. I was soaked after my kids got me:

Some time with my cousin's kid. It was cousin-mania with my cousins, their cousins, and second cousins. WC #2 is teaching them jumping techniques:

In the end, we were sorry to leave this beautiful place.

Those of you that live there, I hope it is still breathtaking for you every time you step out that door. I spent many mornings just being in awe of the sights I could see every day.

More pictures are in the sidebar. Please enjoy. I have been missing from the blogosphere, but I hope that you will accept this post with my apologies. More later about trying to become a published in print author....

Best Wishes,


Aliceson said...

What a gorgeous place to have a family vacation!

I've been wondering where you've been hiding all summer besides Hawaii of course. I recently tried finding you on Facebook but I must have your last name misspelled.

And what's this about becoming a published author???

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

You were so close! Your children and their cousins are at a wonderful age.

I think I have a Haleakala shot like that.