Thursday, September 24, 2009

Light on my feet

Go ahead and laugh. I know I was a bit nerdy or geeky in high school. For crying out loud, check out Glee and imagine what my life was like. I took dance lessons up to the ripe old age of 17. Yep, all the way through to senior year. I got a solo. That was nice.

Seriously, but I miss it. And, I didn't get exposed to a whole variety of dance. I got tap, ballet, and jazz. The basics. Recently, my daughter's fascination with Irish dancing has led me into a whole new realm. (Oh, yes, thanks to a dear friend of mine, who suggested she might enjoy visiting a trial lesson). Irish dancing is a bit too expensive for me to spend a whole wad of money on. But, oh, how she loves Irish music and watching others dance. I guess it didn't help that I took her to Irish Fest. Or downloaded music from Gaelic Storm. (Is it good or bad that she knows the actual words to What's the Rumpus?)

I watch my daughter dance her own little very bouncy, very near to Irish dancing dance. And I keep thinking I wish I knew some steps, just basic beginners, just to get her started. But woe is me. Because: one) They don't seem to offer classes for beginning adults, and two) for the longest time I could not find a video on the Internet to show me the steps. Me, having taken dance lessons, and knowing full well where to place my legs and arms as need be for various steps, can follow most visual instruction. Then, there it was, on the Internet, my first basic steps. It was all I needed.

Tonight there was an almost middle aged woman bouncing like an Irish dancing teenager. She bounced in the office in front of the computer. Good thing there's space in there. Then she cleared out the living room rug, her daughter selected the music, and away we went with Irish dancing mayhem. Mr. Wild came home from a meeting to find his wife sweating and bouncing in the living room. He was grinning like she was crazy. Her daughter was giving her high fives for getting it.

Threes are easy, sevens are hard until you know which beat your foot is supposed to hit the floor. And I love the point and toe move.


Aliceson said...

How Fun! I priced out Trinity Irish dance for the girls and almost lost my lunch when I saw the price. Pricey indeed but thank goodness for youtube!

Wild Child said...

I know, it's truly ridiculous and highway robbery. If we just want to have fun, there isn't really an option for fun. I checked out Cashel Denehy, they are slightly less horrendous and you can pay monthly, so if it isn't for your child, you haven't dropped a wad of cash at the beginning of the year for nothing. They have a summer session that I am contemplating letting Willa try out. And she will get to dance at Irish Fest.