Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tracking the ham balls

So, some of you more faithful followers may remember my ham ball recipe. In that post, I was musing on its midwesterness. It seems, however, that it is really Iowan. Iowa is the place for pork. But recently, in reviewing some searches that have led some people to my site, there's been a couple of people searching for "Iowa ham balls." Fascinating. I hope they got the recipes I included. I am wondering if it's some people moved away from Iowa, fall coming on, they now start to get the hankering for ham balls. Cooking in the oven in the fall is a nice change of pace, and the secondary heat is nice for the house, no need to turn on the furnance just yet.

But it also leads me to believe more strongly that the ham ball was developed in Iowa. I think I will have to do some research into this. Of course, with all the free time I've got. You know, in between two full time jobs, soccer practice, soccer games, dance lessons, evening meetings, getting a chance to go out with the girls/boys (well grownups), FaceBooking, play dates, writing a book. You know, all that free time.

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