Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The King's Speech and other asundries RTT


I haven't seen the King's Speech yet and I really want to go now that I see it has been nominated for 12 Oscars.  Plus, I just adore Colin Firth.  I would see a movie with him in it any time.

I did see True Grit and that was a good movie.  If you haven't seen it on the big screen, I don't think that will damper its watchability much.   I think it will be fine on your home theatre.

And surprisingly, I enjoyed The Social Network.  Got that one on DVD and yes, it will be well worth your living room watching.

Ok, enough about movies.  I'm at home with a sick kid.  It's not terrible, but I didn't feel comfortable sending him to school when he said he had a bad tummy pain and was curled up in our horseshoe chair.  The tummy pain seems to be gone, but he is chilled.  I should take his temp again.

I have to admit, I decided to record and watch the Oprah Show about her "big family secret."  But from all the previews, I knew it had to be a long lost sibling.  I do have to say, I am just as impressed as Oprah that the half-sister did her best to keep it quiet, while she was trying to get in touch with her birth mother.  It is a story with, I hope, a happy ending.

I was in an organizing mood this weekend.  While the rest of the family stayed in pjs playing computer games or video games, I spread THE PILE out all over the floor and started to put things in their proper folders and filing cabinets.  Then I kept some folders out and went looking for a table top file folder holder that is tiered so you can see all the folders.  I got tired of them being in a pile too.  So here is where I hope THE PILE ends up.

Pretty snazzy, eh?  Of course, don't go to Walmart or other big box stores looking for these.  I had to go to Staples to find one, and at least I found several, in different prices, that I liked.  Here's to no more of THE PILE, which could overflow onto the table, kitchen counter and rolling kitchen counter.

Now, I have a pile of the early 20th century magazine, The Craftsman, that I need to have Mr. Wild to finish selling on ebay, so they don't continue to sit as a PILE in our office.  Anyone an architect or interested in 1910s architectural magazines?  Some are in rough shape, but we have about 7-10 left.  I'd entertain some offers.  Just let's get them out of here.

Speaking of old things, my husband and I haven't been in antique shop since the youngest was out of the stroller.  I can't tell if it's because I have enough antique "stuff" or if the antique things don't hold any charm for me anymore.  There's one collection we had when we moved here that fit perfectly around the plate rail in our dining room and there literally was no more room for more.  If I get more pieces, where would I put them?

Anyone else feel they need design help in their house?  I really would like something more comfy and cozy, but I can't figure how to get there.  So I become static in my decoration.  It ain't really broke, so why fix it?  But every so often I get design envy and wish I had someone to come help me beautify my house.  Oh, well, next life, I think.

Go be all random over here.  My sick son is hungry and I must feed him.  Must be a good sign, except he has a sore throat.


Anonymous said...

I hope your son feels better soon!

I really want to see The King's Speech too. I am off on Monday the 31st because I work on Saturday, so I may just treat myself to a matinee. I love Colin Firth too. Craig always sees him on TV when I am gushing and says, "you like that old guy?"

Wild Child said...

Okay, but the man is only 11 years older than me. Can you really call him old? Alright, he passed the 50 mark, but still. I gush too, but usually secretly, because I hate when the hubs makes fun of my secret crushes.

Aliceson said...

Binny's home sick today too. I probably could have sent her but she had a wicked sounding cough this morning and I didn't have any other plans today, so we're just hanging out. Kind of nice, actually.

I watched Oprah yesterday and I was impressed by the whole thing too. Goes to show not everybody is motivated by money.

Love the organization! We have a few piles here in the kitchen that need some serious attention soon!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Hope your little guy feels better soon!

Those movies are on my 'must see' list - now even more. ;)

RTT: Head Colds and Renovations

tulpen said...

I really wanna see The Social Network. I lurve Justin Timberlake.

Hubs was telling me about Howard Stern's speculations as to what Oprah's big secret was going to be... the favorite being that she poops gold.

Rachel said...

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