Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Randomize me: RTT


Snow, snow, snow.  Ok, which do I hate more?  When it snows in fits and spurts nearly every day, or when we get a big huge ass snow that shuts down all the roads and we get a snow day and I have to stay home from work?  It seems to me that I still do a lot of shoveling either way, so getting a day off for the snow is better.  Hear that Wisconsin weather?  I want 18" of snow so I don't have to go into work.  Then I'll take all day to shovel out and play with the kids.  None of this pussy footing around with an inch here and there, everyday, without sunshine and having to clear the drive some little bit here and there nearly every freaking day.

Oh, and I probably should watch the weather more often so I know what to expect.  Although they got yesterday wrong with saying, "oh about 2 inches" and then we get nearly six.

And why in the heck won't I move to warmer climes?  But I just can't do it.  I think it's because I need season change or I'm afraid I'll be bored with the weather.  I know, call me a dope.

It's so funny when my husband tells me some snippet of news and I've already seen it or read it because it was on Facebook, or I was checking mail and the news section on the homepage shows it and I've clicked through to read it.  The thing is, he may be on computers or video games more, but he's using them all to play games.

Speaking of which, I was asleep by 11 pm and he played video games until almost midnight.  Talk about random.  Usually I'm the one up late.

I started watching an archived webinar on "how to get published."  I couldn't watch it when it was on live, but I thought, hey I should get some good information.  I'm just now in the mood to watch it, but  I'm a bit annoyed by the fact that the first 12 minutes are talking about first you must write a book, and revise it and revise it and revise it and then have someone critique it, before you even start querying. Duh!  If any of you are writers worth your salt, you've already read the myriad of websites that state this very same thing.  I got bored about 12 minutes in and decided to watch it when I was more alert.  I hope the rest of the hour and fifteen minutes is more worth my $70.

Ever try to spend 30 minutes in a car with an 11 year old boy, who is related to you and you're going to an orthodontic appointment, so you have to drive far to get to the orthodontist and it is snowing out pretty heavy and you decide to try to make conversation?  Well, don't.  I've learned an 11 year old boy really doesn't want to talk about school or school work with his mom.  Worse than pulling teeth, though, fortunately, we won't have to pull teeth during this treatment.  Moms should never expect that their sons really want to talk to them.

I had the day off and it wasn't long enough.  I did manage to spend yet more money.  This time I got a pilates video and a yoga mat.  I got exercise in and also did some snowblowing (oh yay, more snow [sarcasm]).  But I didn't do everything I wanted.  We had a nice dinner of lemon chicken broiled, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.  And I finally sat down and planned meals through next Monday.  I do better with suppers if I plan what they are ahead of time.  I do pick specific menus for specific days, but if I have the week's list, go out and get groceries for it, I can switch it up, because I have groceries for it.

Okay, join Keely and the rest of the gang at the UnMom.


Mama Badger said...

I'll trade you your non-verbal 11 year old for a talkative 3 year old? We drove an hour to shop on Saturday and he talked the whole way. For an hour. Non stop.

I prefer the little at a time snow, really. My boss isn't giving me the day off either way, so at least a little at a time is managible.

tulpen said...

I am so done with the snow. Or WINTER more like it. We are now getting torrential downpours on top of the foot of snow on the ground...and after that nonsense freezes solid, gonna get more snow dumped on it.

I'm done.