Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Eve 1999

In lieu of Monday night memory, here's one for Tuesday.

Remember all the craziness about Y2K? Yeah, we sort of remember it, too.

I was due with Wild Child #1 at the end of November 1999.

Nope, no kid.

Waited another week and I was still working.

Nope, no kid.

Took that next week off, because surely he'd be coming anytime soon.

Nope, no kid.

Went in for inducement (do not recommend that) and 22 hours later, yes, finally a bouncing baby boy. Except he was in the hospital 2 extra days longer than me. (Long story short, he didn't pee, and then he did and I scared the poor boy half to death when I was so excited that he did pee. Oh, and don't recommend baby staying in the hospital longer than you, very hard on the nerves and the hormones).

Needless to say, I started off not having had decent sleep, and a newborn continues to make that hard. I know, all the mothers have been there and done that.

Needless to say, new parents are NOT going to go out partying on New Year's Eve when they have a two week old. Nor do they stay up for New Year's Eve. Are you kidding? We tried. We put a puzzle together. But we turned in about 9:30 pm.

The last thing I said to my husband was, "I guess we'll find out about this Y2k when he wakes up for his next feeding."

So, about 2 am, little Wild Child #1 wakes up, and Mr. Wild stumbles to his room to change his diaper (he's good like that). Lo and behold, the light comes on in the baby's room (Mr. Wild didn't want to grope around in the dark for stuff). I haul myself to the living room to nurse the tyke (don't ask, I just couldn't get the hang of nursing lying down at that point, new mom, remember?). Lo and behold, the light goes on there.

Me to Mr. Wild, "Guess that Y2k stuff didn't happen."

Hunh. Such a let down. But kind of funny all the fuss that was made over nothing. Except that I will never forget that particular New Year's Eve, because of sweet little #1, who turned 9 this year!


Multiple Sarcasms said...

Y2k was crazy. It seems so idiotic now but at the time everyone was freaked out. The news was going crazy about it, really it was Hollywood. Jan 2nd 2000, it was all forgotten.

Aliceson said...

Hope you have fun New years plans for tonight, with no fear of power outages.