Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Techno deprived

After spending four days at my parents' house, where the computer access is dial up and I just didn't want to spend the time waiting, I got back home and realized how disconnected I felt from the world around me. I hadn't checked my gmail, or our home email, or my Facebook or done any blogging. Sad but true that I feel disconnected.

So, in the scramble on Sunday morning to get ready to go shopping with the girls, I felt the strong urge to check all of those at once. What is the connection and why do I care so much?

Email I use to even communicate with my friends across town. Seems silly, I could just pick up the phone, but if its a conversation that I can get answers too any time, it seems easier to email and let my friends answer when they have the time. Rather than taking 30-60 minutes on the phone to gossip and chat. They have kids, I have kids, it seems to be more convenient. So I have to see what everyone was up to while I was sans computer. Then I was updated for conversations in person as we shopped til we dropped later in the day. Not much from family, because I spent the holiday with most of them, or we called and all talked with speaker phone.

Facebook has become a lot more fun since many of my high school classmates have discovered it. A bit strange, but I know I'm a gossip and want to be in the know. But also nice to see everyone with their kids (or not) and where they are in the world. Many are in places I'm surprised to find people at (or not) and others stayed in our home state. I have also enjoyed Facebook because far flung cousins have found it and will post pictures of their sweet little children, whom I have never seen in person.

Then the blog. I hadn't come up with anything good lately, hence less writing, but after Thanksgiving, I had some more ideas to share. Besides that, having a blog also allows you to follow and catch up on other blogs. I particularly enjoy the frosting catastrophes at Cake Wrecks and the person social commentary at Sweet Juniper. It was fun to catch up after the weekend.

It's strange how you can get sucked into this. I think I need to check Facebook now. It's been over two days.

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