Saturday, December 20, 2008


So you know about the woes of our household items kicking it just before Christmas. Nice.

Well, today was about productivity. Wild Child #2 was invited to a birthday party in the town down the road that we go for major shopping (i.e. they have the Super Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Old Navy, Sears, Hobby Lobby, Menards, a mall, you get the picture). We needed to buy the birthday child a present (Ouch, how'd I let that one slip?). We needed a new snow blower, because, shock, more snow on the way. We needed to finalize our Christmas shoppping (Santa was low on presents for the children). Finally, we needed to get this all done before 2:30 pm so Mr. Wild could get back for a D&D game (yeah, I know, don't knock it, he's a stay-at-home-dad and needs some boy time away from kids).

10:52 am All family members in the car, Wild Child 2 in her nice Christmas dress for the party.

11:08 am Hit the outskirts of said town. The traffic was fierce.

11:13 am Make it to the Super Walmart. Mr. Wild drops me and #2 off at the door.

11:16 am We head straight for the Barbies, got one picked out, started walking to the gift bags. Meet Mr. Wild and #1 near the My Little Ponies. #2 gets slightly sidetracked. Mr. Wild takes
#1 over tothe snow blowers to see what they had, we head to the gift bags.

11:25 am #2 and I have gift wrap that costs as much as the present, pay for it in line.

11:33 am On the road to the party place, Mr. Wild thinks we're going to be early.

11:45 am Traffic is pretty bad, still haven't gotten halfway.

11:55 am Arrive at party place. Drop #2 off.

12:00 pm Stop in Sears.

12:10 pm Have the snow blower picked out. I head to car to go to Target, leaving Mr. Wild to pay for blower and he and #1 to get lunch in the mall.

12:13 pm Make it to Target. Instead of looking for close parking, pick some a little farther away, so I am parked in no time, next to a cart corral.

1:07 pm All the Christmas shopping is done! Seriously. Whew! I head to check out.

1:13 pm Hardly a line at check out. But there's a line at the Starbucks. I was going to get a beverage, and I hadn't had lunch, but the lady that wasn't really in line, but jumped ahead of me, ordered 4 drinks and I didn't want to wait. Figured I could just get a coke and food at the mall. I was pretty hungry.

1:30 pm Make it to the mall, despite the traffic (frontage roads were a good choice). Walk down to the food court, but nothing appealed to me and I didn't have any cash.

1:40 pm Walk over to the party place and sit with Mr. Wild and #1 while #2 is watching presents unwrapped and plays a few more games.

1:45 pm Mr. Wild goes to pick up the snow blower.

1:55 pm Finally get #2 to go pick out prizes. Mr. Wild runs in and says he only can be parked there 5 minutes. Takes #1 with him.

2:00 pm #2 decides she needs to go to the bathroom, so we are delayed gettting the coat on.

2:13 pm By now I have a blazing headache from lack of food and caffeine (yes, I am addicted)

2:25 pm Drive by Mickey D's to get me a Happy Meal and diet coke. Oh, sweet relief!

2:42 pm Make it back to our town with everything.

Mr. Wild sets up the new snow blower in anticipation of tomorrow and puts the oil in, so he's ready. He was a little later than he meant to get to the game, but we did well.


Aliceson said...

Crap, that's a busy day. After reading this I have a strange thirst for a double mocha with whipped cream, and the urge to go shopping for gas powered tools.

Good luck with the snow tomorrow. My hubby is outside right now trying to make a dent in the driveway clean-up before tomorrow when the super cold will set in. Brrrr, stay warm.

Wild Child said...

Yeah, darn, I never did get a chai tea, egg nog latte, or vanilla latte. Darn.