Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Day!

Even I get a snow day today. To celebrate, I made pumpkin waffles. I am not attempting to drive the 22 miles to work in this snow, so I have to take a vacation day, but that's okay. I guess I will have to clean up though, too.

I am feeling more zen about the snow. I was not ready for it at that end of November and the first couple of snows in December. After last year's super heavy snow and last spring's floods, this winter is already not looking promising. We get to feeling cooped up and overwhelmed by so much snow and it's hard to feel excited about it like we did when we were kids. At some point I have to dump the kids out in the snow today though, or we will all go crazy.

As Mr. Wild said, we can put up the tree. Yes, we have an artificial one. I can't see shelling out the money for cutting a perfectly fine live tree that was growing so nicely where it was, just to put it in my house decorate it and then toss it out unloved in January. And the shelling out the money every year, just seems ridiculous. So our artificial is just fine.

But poor Mr. Wild is out trying to fix the snow blower. Not good on a day like today. It seems he's gummed up the carburetor with gas that was stored for a year and has learned he cannot use gas that's been around that long.

The kids are in a TV coma right now. I think they were playing, but now it's constant TV. I'm not too bothered, they rarely have time for it after school and after dinner.

Last night I made popcorn. We used to have an air popper, but at some point I misplaced it, or it got lost, or we decided to sell it because all we made was microwave popcorn for a while. But lately, I prefer popping my own and have been doing it in our huge frying pan with a little oil, but I really think I need to get a decent popper. I would rather not make microwave, because popping it myself, I know exactly what oil is on my corn and what fats were used. Plus, it just tastes better.

Maybe at some point today I can curl up with a book and a cup of tea. Speaking of which, I am out of decent British tea and had to settle for crappy American. Oh, well.

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Aliceson said...

Great blog, I added you to my blogroll.

Snow day for us too. We just came in from playing outside and clearing snow with the ATV. Time for hot chocolate and maybe popcorn too. Sounds like a great snow day snack, and the soup looks yummy too. The other day I made a veg. soup Yum. Kids don't like it, but I freeze it for myself.

Thanks for the comment and kind words on my blog.