Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh, finally!

For the last two or three months I have been thinking about getting my hair cut. I'm not delaying because I don't want to, but I wanted a much better cut than I used to get and something different. I think I was also waiting for my last color to grow out. But if you were to ask any of my friends, the last few weeks I've been going crazy over what my hair is not doing. But I've put it off, because the last 2 out of 3 times I got a cut it did not go so well and wasn't really the look I wanted. Plus working full time makes it really hard to get an appointment in. I guess I'm just a bit gun shy.

So, finally! I called a place and I got an appointment for this Saturday. I've already bought one of those hair magazines and combed (no pun intended! seriously) through it for a look. I told the lady that I needed something new and I had a picture to bring in. She set aside an hour for me, so I am expecting them to really listen and then give it a good try. I am so excited, and when I see my sister and the rest of my family on Sunday, it will all be done!

I am soooo in need of this cut!

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