Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Depressing post to follow: avoid if you want to feel good: Random Tuesday Thoughts


I avoid talking about my job.  Often because I've seen examples of what happens if/when an employer gets wind of your blog and your comments get around.  But today is one of those days where I really can't stand it and I need an outlet.

I know there are things that must be done to save the budget.  But some of these things grate against my sense of justice in the world.  And it hurts me to go against my sense of justice.  Eats at me, makes me angry, makes me depressed.  I used to like my job.  It used to be doing stuff that I went to school for and being creative.  Now I'm doing nothing I went to school for and I don't get to be creative.

The worst part is, I am only sticking with this job because of the health care.  I have excellent health, dental and vision care and that is all this is worth to me.  But it is getting to the point where it's not even worth that.

The only thing holding me back is knowing that we couldn't afford this health care on our own.  Orthodontics are not cheap.  Neither are glasses.  The fear of some health catastrophe, big or small, that could just set us over the edge of not having enough money to live as we are now, which is by no means extravagant.

If health care was not connected to our jobs, would people be happier finding things they wanted to do and did well, rather than staying in jobs because they paid the bills and covered the health costs?

Oh, I suppose I'm talking rather close to communism, eh?  From each according to his ability, to each according to his need?  Though, the original theory wasn't all that bad.  It just didn't take into account that people are greedy and power hungry and that those running a country want to live the good life because they can and they can order people around to do what they want.  Maybe countries are too big to sustain the kind of small-town-everyone-represents-himself-in-the-discussion-until-we-come-to-a-compromise-we-can-live-with type of government.

Also, I wonder, what if we made serving in government like jury selection?  Put everyone's name in a computer, hit a button and next year's slate of representatives is printed out.  No more campaign, campaign finance.  Sure there's bound to be some idiots who couldn't handle it, but is that much different that some of what we have now?  Pain in the *ss to have to leave your job and go serve, but how is that different than those who serve in the military and get called up.  Hold the job open until the service is done.  Right?

Ok, now I'm ranting and heading down tangents and I realized this is a random sort of post.  Guess it just became my random Tuesday.  Darn depressing.  I guess I'm not even elated about health care, because I'm worried it doesn't do enough.  But honestly, I wanted something rather than nothing.  I just hope the special interests didn't mess it up royally.

I should leave you before we get down a darker path.


The Crazy Coxes said...

I get what you are saying about the benefits of benefits!!!! I'd start looking for a rockin kick-a job WITH benefits. Okay, so the economy isn't that hot right now....but maybe in a little while!!! Good luck!

Aliceson said...

We're in a similar boat in regards to health ins. benefits. My husband isn't happy in his job and currently he is laid off so we're paying COBRA to boot but really health care is something we can't live without. His company is also considering changing health insurance providers because the prices are WAY out of control and it turns out that since Marylu has a pre-existing condition (her immune disorder and the crazy infections she gets) they are giving us a hard time about that. coincidence that the due date for all the paperwork was last week? I think not!

Frustrating for sure! But what is a family to do?